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Today I’m thrilled to have agent Wendi Gu here. She is an associate literary agent at Janklow & Nesbit Associates.

Update as of 5/5/2022. Wendi is currently an agent at Sanford Greenburger Associates. 

Status: Open to submissions

Hi­ Wendi! Thanks so much for joining us.

About Wendi:

1. Tell us how you became an agent, how long you’ve been one, and what you’ve been doing as an agent.

I was on my way to Singapore to do an internship, and my flight connected through New York City. I had a few hours to kill, so a friend’s mom gave me quick car tour of Manhattan, as I hadn’t been since I was a toddler. Even from within the mini-van, I knew that I had to live here after college. I’d been a Midwestern suburban girl my whole life, and I was completely enamored by what I saw and felt.

I’d always loved books the most, and I’d always been curious about book-making. And when I learned that that publishing industry thrived in New York, I saw my path bright and clear before my eyes. So for my final college internship summer, I applied wildly to every publishing internship I could find. I landed one with Brenda Bowen at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, and became her literary assistant after I graduated from Northwestern University in 2013. I learned so much with Brenda. She taught me how to pitch, sell, and advocate for my clients. With her encouragement and support my list began to grow.

About a year ago, I started at Janklow & Nesbit to join Brooks Sherman start the kid lit department!
As an agent, I want to work with books that unveil a little-known piece of American history. These unsung hero stories are important pieces of our country’s story. I also love contemporary, deeply emotional stories about underdogs who learn to find their voice.

About the Agency:
2. Share a bit about your agency and what it offers to its authors.

Janklow & Nesbit offers incredible support for their clients. It’s like having an army behind you. All of my colleagues are very, very good at making deals for their authors and illustrators. The publishing industry can feel very byzantine to navigate at times, but the team of agents (combined with our legal and accounting teams) are always looking ahead for their authors.
I would also like to take the opportunity to plug JNA’s growing children’s book department, fearlessly lead by Brooks Sherman!

What She’s Looking For:
3. What age groups do you represent—picture books, MG, and/or YA? What genres do you represent and what are you looking for in submissions for these genres?

I represent fiction and nonfiction picture books, middle grade, and YA. I am looking for multicultural stories, coming-of-age stories that deal with mental health and family relationships, and female friendship. For funny, I don’t much like slapstick. Weirdo humor is a plus. Otherwise, give me a book that makes me cry! I am a big, sloppy, softie.

4.  Is there anything you would be especially excited to seeing in the genres you are interested in?

Immigrant stories! And, Asian-American everything.

What She Isn’t Looking For:
5. What types of submissions are you not interested in?

I’m not as interested in high fantasy or science fiction, but not closed to it! For example, I loved how Tomi Adeyemi’s CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE deals with colorism, and Dylan Farrow’s HUSH deals with female empowerment.

Agent Philosophy:
6. What is your philosophy as an agent both in terms of the authors you want to work with and the books you want to represent?

Making a book is deeply personal stuff, yet we’ve created an entire industry out of it. With every client, I endeavor to find a strong balance of the professional with a personal touch. As business partners, it’s important that we communicate clearly, openly, and with accountability, but that both sides try to keep the relationship an enjoyable!
Editorial Agent:
7. Are you an editorial agent? If so, what is your process like when you’re working with your authors before submitting to editors?

Yes! Most of the books I work on go through at least two rounds of edits before submission. I like to start the process with a call or in-person conversation, and then I’ll send them the manuscript with track changes. These track changes are a mix of line edits and comments. While I like writing edit letters, I often find that it’s easier to point to the exact moment that requires attention.
I should also add that I love editing picture book biographies. I love editing picture book texts in general – right now, that is my bread and butter.

Query Methods and Submission Guidelines: (Always verify before submitting)
8. How should authors query you and what do you want to see with the query letter?

They should follow the agency guidelines at www.janklowandnesbit.com.

Update on 2/11/2023

Email Wendi at wgu@sja.com. "For novels, please include the query and first ten pages in the body of the email. For picture book illustrators and author/illustrators, please attach your dummy or portfolio as a PDF or link." (From the agency website)

9.  Do you have any specific dislikes in query letters or the first pages submitted to you?

Make sure I know why you thought I might be the right agent for your book!

Response Time:
10. What’s your response time to queries and requests for more pages of a manuscript?

I try to respond within 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to each and every query, but if I am interested, I try to make it known to the author within that time frame.

Update on 2/11/2023
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Thanks for sharing all your advice, Wendi.

­Wendi is generously offering a query critique to one lucky winner. To enter, all you need to do is be a follower (just click the follower button if you're not a follower) and leave a comment through November 10th.  If your e-mail is not on your Google Profile, you must leave it in the comments to enter either contest. If you do not want to enter the contest, that's okay. Just let me know in the comments.

If you mention this contest on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, mention this in the comments and I'll give you an extra entry. This is an international giveaway.

Profile Details:
Last updated: 2/11/2023.
Agent Contacted for Review? Yes
Last Reviewed By Agent: 10/29/201

Have any experience with this agent? See something that needs updating? Please leave a comment or e-mail me at natalieiaguirre7@gmail.com

Note: These agent profiles and interviews presently focus on agents who accept children's fiction. Please take the time to verify anything you might use here before querying an agent. The information found here is subject to change.


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I think providing feedback is awesome. That's the main reason I wanted an agent. I mean, when I am done with a story I think it's awesome, but then I also went through the plaid pants phase in the 80s, so getting input is always helpful.

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...hugs from Lenny
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