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Interviews and the Like

Interviews with Casey:

Literary Rambles: Agent Spotlight Interview Part One (Part Two) at Route 19 Writers (12/2011).

Blogger Mentor Monday interview at Get Busy Writing (07/2011).

Brief interview at Hello Ello, Ellen Oh's blog (03/2011).

Interview at Kay Em Evan's blog (06/2010).

Graffiti Wall interview at Writer's Ally ( 6/2010).

Interview at Dark Angel's Blog (05/2010).

Featured Sweetheart Interview at the Texas Sweethearts blog (01/2010).

Journeys Toward Publication, an interview at Edited to Within an Inch of My Life (12/2009).

Interview as Blog of the Month at Beth Revis's Writing It Out (09/2009).

Interview as Blogger of the Week on Alice Pope's CWIM blog (03/2009).

Interviews about WriteOnCon:

Interview about WriteOnCon at Operation Awesome (09/2010).

Interview about WriteOnCon at Can't Fight the Write (09/2010).

Interview with Publisher's Weekly Children's Bookshelf about WriteOnCon (08/2010).

Interviews and Guest Posts with Natalie: 

Journeys Toward Publication interview at Edited to Within an Inch of Your Life

Guest Post on how to do a great interview (7/2012)

Guest Post on what I've learned from reading (10/2012)

Wednesday Writer's Workspace interview (2/2014)

Guest Post on favorite middle grade books (5/2014)