Upcoming Agent Spotlight Interviews & Guest Posts

  • Kristin Ostby Agent Spotlight Interview & Query Critique Giveaway on 10/11/21
  • Agent Melissa Nasson/Author Alex Perry Guest Post + Query Critique & Book Giveaway on 10/18/21
  • Ginger Clark Agent Spotlight Interview & Query Critique Giveaway on 10/25/21
  • Danielle Chiotti Agent Spotlight Interview and Query Critique Giveaway on 11/15/21

Agent Spotlight & Agent Spotlight Updates

  • All Agent Spotlights & Interviews have been updated as of 7/15/2020, and many have been reviewed by the agents. Look for them to be fully updated in 2023.

Agent Spotlight Interviews

Researching and querying literary agents is extremely time consuming, and when you’re trying to put together a personal query for each agent (which you should be) it’s even more so. And this is only after you’ve compiled a list of agents who represent your genre, which takes its own share of time.

I’m here to help!

At least once a month I'll do an Agent Spotlight Interview with an agent who represents children's, middle grade, and/or young adult literature. I will ask them about what they're looking for, whether they're an editorial agent, how to query them, other helpful interviews they've done, how to query them, and more. These interviews contain all the helpful information that are in the Agent Spotlights and additional helpful information. 

I also offer a query critique giveaway with the agent so that you can get feedback to strengthen your query letter when you are ready to query. You do not have to write in a genre that the agent represents or want to query the agent to be eligible to enter my query critique giveaways. The purpose of them is to give you feedback to make your query letter stronger and to get experience communicating directly with a literary agent.

I also try to keep the Agent Spotlights and Agent Spotlight Interviews up-to-date because many agents switch agencies, start their own agencies, and change what they're looking for. All the agent spotlights were updated in July 2020. I am going to try to update them every three years.

You can help, too!

Please e-mail at natalieiaguirre7(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any suggestions, requests, agent news, or information regarding an agent I've spotlighted or will be spotlighting in the future. I encourage everyone to contact me or leave a comment—good or bad, open or anonymous—about the agents you've had experience with.

If you are an agent and would like to do an Agent Spotlight Interview, please e-mail me  at natalieiaguirre7(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Thanks so much! Good luck with your querying!


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