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The Host

I picked up my copy of The Host by Stephanie Meyer on the 7th and was finally able to start it last night. I have to admit, I put it down after the first chapter (*gasp* I know!) Maybe it was my mood, maybe it was how much it wasn't like the Twilight series, or maybe it really wasn't drawing me in, but I felt a fragment of disappointment.

BUT then!

I picked it back up while I was making dinner and WHAM! It happened. I was drawn in and moving through chapters without realizing dinner was far past done.

Now, with new said forward movement, I find myself extremely impressed. Mostly because I'm amazed the author of the Twilight series is the same person who wrote this book. I find myself wondering over the creative genius that is Stephanie Meyers and the depth of her imagination. After reading the first three books of the Twilight series, I would have never imagined the same author writing this book. It even took me awhile to find Stephanie Meyers in this book, which in itself, is another amazing feat.

She's is simply inspiring. Especially since writing was something she picked back up after a dream (one I wish I had had) and just flew full force into it. She's pretty much my hero at the moment.

Now someone tell me, why can't I do what she has done? Or is it that I need to wait for my second child to be born (yes! I'm pregnant again) so I can exist in a lack-of-sleep illusionary world of my characters? I'm hoping that's the key to my writing career. Far fetched, yes, but a girl can dream.

Anywho, I've still got a ways to go in the book. There are 594 pages after all (I think.) But I'm a fast reader and will probably eat through it by the end of the day. I'll let you know what the final verdict is!



    I can't wait to read it!

  2. Hey--thanks for commenting on my blog! Just as I was thinking I was the only one reading (no that that's all bad . . .). You've totally inspired me to pick up HOST. Not that I actually have time . . . . Good luck your new cutie!