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Casting Call!

It seems to have become a popular pastime for YA writers (and others) to do the following:

A) Cast actors/actresses for their characters


B) Create play lists for their novels.

These are fun diversions that even I have dabbled in but I can never find the perfect actor or actress for a character or the perfect song for any given scene, so it's never been an active part of my writing.

However, during a stint of boredom yesterday I started to search for faces that might could work for the two main characters I'm brewing up for my gargoyle fantasy and I'm actually pretty pleased with what I came away with. So, without further ado...

Emily Browning, who is actually a tad old for my character, is the best match I could find for Kara (tentative name) who has a rather unique look. I couldn't find someone with ideal features, naturally, but I think Emily Browning is the closest I can come at the moment.


And this rather attractive young man, Alex Pettyfer, will be representing the main male role presently named Matthew (tentative.) The funny thing here is that he is actually a little too young. So if that actors could just switch their ages...


*Sigh* That was fun. A play list is still yet to be seen but I'll be working on one of those, too.

So tell me, do you cast actors/actresses to help you visualize your characters or do you like to leave it all in your mind? If you do, who are your "chosen ones?" And furthermore, do you create play lists? If so, do you spend the time finding the perfect song for your key scenes or do the songs just generally touch on the emotions but aren't perfectly fit for the scene? Feel free to share any personal thoughts on either!


PJ Hoover said...

I always laugh when I see these because in The Emerald Tablet, everyone is something like 13 and I can't even imagine who the popular 13-year-old actors are. It's so much easier with YA; then the actors can even be in their early 20s. :)
You picked some nice looking ones!
I'll go to the movie for sure!

Casey Something said...

I've always had the same problem, even with YA. I may read YA novels but I don't watch many YA movies. I have a pretty limited knowledge of young actors/actresses of any age.

Like in your case, I think I'd have an even harder time finding preteens/young teens. Oh well, it's just for fun. : )

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

I used to create play lists when I was writing screenplays. It really helped me set the scene so to speak. But for my novel writing, music is distracting. Strange... I definitely think about actors for my characters both novels and scripts. It helps capture their voice, mannerisms, and gestures.