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Poll: New Background Color or Old?

Hi Again!

I've changed the background color from light text on dark to dark text on light in a way that allows me to keep my color scheme. But, I'm really on the fence about it. So, poll time! If you're reading from a reader, please click through and vote. I'm almost thinking the text would have to be bolder if I were to keep this look. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. I promise this layout stuff will be over soon!

ETA: I've changed the font. I think it reads better but let me know if it's not standing out enough still.

Which Background Color Do You Like Better?


  1. Casey--I imagine that I am in the minority here, but I actually can see the words on the old color combination better. I voted. I would happily get used to whichever way you choose.

  2. Most of the blogs I follow, I read on Google Reader so whichever background you choose won't really matter much to me, but I am a stanch supporter of dark writing on light background! :D

  3. I think dark letters on light backgrounds are easier on the eyes (at least I think I read that somewhere).

  4. I like the old color and just voted. Also, I don't think I responded yesterday but I love the Literary Rambles title so I hope you keep it!

  5. I like the color scheme and what makes more difference to me is not whether the back ground is dark or light but how much contrast there is. The higher the contrast, the easier to read.

  6. I voted for the new color. I like it!

  7. Sorry, but the new colors look a little drab to me. I'm expecting the next headline to be 'Services will be held...'

  8. I don't think we are's almost a tie!
    But if you choose the new one, I agree a bolder type is in order.

  9. I've only been reading your blog via Google reader, so the colors have been irrelevant.

    However, if you're wanting general input, I'd say light background with dark letters.

    Any bloggers with a black background and colors like red or dark blue: Forget it. It is not a good idea.

  10. Thanks everyone! It's been fairly even, both yesterday and today, but more of you seem to prefer the look I had. I'll wait and see how the poll turns out!

  11. The funny thing is, I couldn't even tell how it changed at first until you explained. It's so similar that it doesn't really matter. I'd go with what you like best. After all, it's your home, we just stop by and visit. But for being a dark-colored blog, which usually I don't like, yours was always readable. And that's what is important.

  12. I'm with Yat-Yee about contrast. The old scheme is nice and would be a little easier to read if you could brighted up the text a little

  13. The new color has pulled ahead! I've changed the font to something that stands out more and I think it's better already.

    So, I think I'm going to give the new color a couple of days and see if it wins me over.

    If I change it back, I'll see about upping the contrast. White just always seemed too bright on that background but I'll look again.

    Thanks all!

  14. I'm having issues with the poll but my vote is for the new color. I think it's pretty snazzy (and easier on my eyes)!

  15. Casey--the new typeface is sooo much better than it was this morning--that funky all caps thing hurt my eyes. This is much better (Wed. 3:30pm eastern time)

  16. Oh good, Steph and Heather!

    I lightened the background a little bit more. I think I'm starting to like it now with the new font and color. Hm.

    I also put the agents by last name first in the sidebar. It seems a weird way to go to me. Does that actually work better for you guys?

  17. I really like the new font, Casey. It seems a lot easier to read in the new colors than the original font. And I like you listing the agents alphabetically by surname, but of course I'll get used to whichever way you go.

  18. I'm a new reader to your blog here, but I like the look if that helps at all! And, my blog is a darker scheme blog if that at all helps in my liking your look. And by liking I mean, that it reads well to me. Hope that helps. I'm going to go ahead and click "follow" now. Looks like a very insightful blog about YA lit and I'm excited to follow along. Thanks, Shauna

  19. Thanks Shauna!! I'm glad it works for you. And thanks for following, too!