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For Fans of The Hunger Games

In case you missed it.


  1. ...pretty good for a fan-based video. Movie comes out in 2013!

  2. I saw this on twitter a few days ago--it blew my socks off for a fan rendition. Excellent job!

  3. Saw it a couple days ago and it just occurred to me to post it here! I thought it was amazing for a fan made video! The filmer and actors have skillz!

  4. I actually naively thought that this was a scene from the upcoming movie--and now I'm bummed out. That was awesome!!

  5. For a fan version, that's amazing. Heck, for a film version, that would be good (with less musical numbers). Here's hoping we get an awesome movie someday.

  6. Oh man I saw that a couple of days ago and WEEPED like a baby. Watching the real movie someday is going to be VERY rough!!

  7. ...o.O


    I'll admit it: I cried. That was amazing.

  8. I watched this several days ago also and it affected me the same.

    Those books were so good and stayed with me for days. The hurt was almost too much though.

    Won't keep me from reading them again :)

  9. This teaser almost makes me crave a movie version but I think so much will get lost in translation from the book to movie.

    It would still be something to watch.:)

  10. They couldn't have chosen a better scene. To me, it was the most powerful one in all of the books. Wish I could write one like that.

  11. I wept, so hard. Rue's character is perfect. And I agree with Lois, this is one of the most powerful scene in the book. Forget Peeta and Gale; it's Prim and Rue.

  12. Good but disturbing. The books were one thing, to see it on screen, OH gosh. Hard to watch. Gripping and powerful for sure! They did a great job on it though.

  13. Wow - really good! They caught the emotion of this part of the book perfectly, I thought. So sad...

  14. I *heart* Katniss Everdeen and Suzanne Collins, genius.