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Agent Spotlight & Agent Spotlight Updates

  • Agent Spotlights & Interviews have been updated through the letter "H" as of 5/11/2023 and many have been reviewed by the agents. Look for more information as I find the time to update more agent spotlights.

Thursday Spotlight Update

I was slightly more successful in updating Spotlights this week. Here's the news:

Jill Grinberg's profile has been updated and reviewed.

I added a couple new interviews, quotes, and clients to Michelle Humphrey's profile.

Beth Fleisher has left BG Literary to found her own agency, Clear Sailing Creatives. Ms. Fleisher will be in touch with more details shortly.

As of Janurary, Michael Stearns is only accepting queries by conference submission and referral.

Louise Fury is closed to submissions until further notice.

Joe Veltre has closed The Veltre Company and joined The Gersh Agency as head of their book department (taking his clients with him). Update to follow. The Gersh Agency is generally closed to unsolicited submissions.

Marcia Wernick is leaving the Sheldon Fogleman Agency to launch Wernick and Pratt, a new children's agency, with Linda Pratt. Update to follow.


Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Thanks for all the updates, Casey! I didn't realize Beth was leaving BG!

The Kranky Crow said...

As always, you're an irreplaceable fount of info on an irreplaceable blog. THANK YOU!

Michael G-G said...

Thanks for keeping us up to speed with everything, Casey.

This year it looks like there's some agent musical chairs going on!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Bless you! you are a font of valuable information

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates, Casey--you're awesome!

Anita said...

What would the blog world do without you?! Thanks for all your hard work!

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Thanks for the updates!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for the information!

JohnM said...

Thanks for the update. Will you be posting more information about Beth Fleisher, as it becomes available?

Casey McCormick said...

Thank you, everyone!!

JohnM, yes I will. She's typing up some information for me to add to the profile. Check back!

CL said...

You rock, Casey! Your blog is my favorite source of agent info on the web. Thank you.

Nora MacFarlane said...

Thanks for the updates, Casey!