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Agent Spotlight: Vickie Motter

01/2013: Profile pulled. Ms. Motter is retiring as a literary agent. See this post on her blog for details.


Summer Ross said...

Great information I have bookmarked several of the links.

Kristine Asselin said...

I'm so glad to see Vickie profiled here, Casey! She's a great addition to your wonderful list of resources.

Beth said...

I know I've said this before, but these spotlights truly are valuable. Thanks again for this useful information!

Matthew MacNish said...

Hooray for publishing pros from Western Washington! It sure makes me miss home, though.

Julia Darcey said...

So great to see Vickie on here! She's a wonderful editorial agent who puts a ton of thought and time into her revisions.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Great spotlight. I so wish she accepted MG. But I'll add her to my list for a possible YA manuscript.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Thank you. I am always impressed by the depths of your research

Katy Upperman said...

So awesome and surreal to see my name listed with Vickie's clients! Though I've been working with her less than a week, I can vouch for Vickie's brilliance in regard to revisions. As I read through her suggestions for my story, I wondered repeatedly: WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?! I've never been so excited about a revision, or so pleased with how one is turning out. Thanks, Vickie!

Casey and Natalie: Fantastic spotlight as usual. :)

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

So happy to see you feature Vickie on here. She's a fabulous agent. And your spotlight is super thorough, Casey.

Taryn said...

I signed with Vickie last month! Here's another helpful interview with her: http://cupidslitconnection.blogspot.com/2012/02/cupids-first-successful-literary.html

And here's my signing story: http://www.tarynalbright.com/2012/02/long-awaited-i-have-agent-post.html

She's been nothing but wonderful so far :)

I used Literary Rambles all through my querying journey; a big thank you for being so wonderfully helpful and thorough with these agent spotlights!

Casey McCormick said...

Congratulations, Taryn! I so love a success story. I can't wait to hear that Begging to Breath has sold!