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All agent spotlights and interviews have been updated as of 7/15/2020, and many have been reviewed by the agents. Look for them to be fully updated again in 2023.

Agent Spotlight: Amanda Lewis

Profile Removed.

Ms. Lewis is no longer with the Doe Coover Literary Agency. She appears to have left the business.

Do not query.


  1. Thought I can't submit to this agent, (at least not with my current ms) I wanted to say thank you to you both for posting this data on such a regular basis. This site is so helpful!

  2. Another great spotlight Casey. Thanks so much!

  3. This is wonderful. I just found your blog and I am thrilled. Mountains of wonderful information! Thank you.

  4. The amount of work that you put into these things is astounding, Casey. Another incredible resource for us writers. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for doing these spotlights, rock!

  6. As usual, another great agent spotlight. Thank you so much Casey!

  7. Thank you so much for this spotlight, especially as I'm shopping a picture book! Your work is so appreciated!

  8. I had a really positive experience querying Amanda Lewis. She seems like a wonderful agent, so I'm glad you've spotlighted her.

  9. You always have great information!

  10. Interesting spotlight. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Casey, this is great information and could be very relevant for me. This is a newbie question; I rarely see chapter books mentioned. I am writing PB and chapter books, can I assume if an agent is interested in MG and PBs they would also be interested in chapter books?

  12. Hi Joanna,

    A lot of agents don't specify whether or not they rep chapter books but they usually do if they rep PB and MG. Query those agents unless they specifically say they're not interested in CBs.

    Good luck!


  13. Thanks for the advice, Casey.


  14. Literary Rambles,

    You do the best profiles.