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Agent Spotlight: Kat Salazar

Kat has left the Larsen Pomada Agency. She is now a publicist with Red Wheel / Weiser Books.


Suzie F. said...

Thank you, Casey! I just started following her blog.

Kelly Polark said...

Great post! Thank you!

Steve MC said...

That "Query Mistakes" blog post of hers is just great.

Barbara Watson said...

A few days ago I spent over an hour checking your backposts on agents who represent MG. Thanks so much for this one; I'll add her to my notes.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Kat sounds awesome though too bad she doesn't like high fantasy. But I'm definitely adding her to my list and will check out her blog.

Lydia Kang said...

Kat sounds great! I'm so glad you do these posts. It's a pain to find all the information on the web and you put it all together so perfectly.

Jen said...

Just wanted to add my blog post about signing with Kat:

She's excellent! So happy to see her profiled here :)

Stina said...

I'm adding her to my list. Thanks for profiling her. :D

Ishta Mercurio said...

Ah, great post this week! Interesting that she's looking for PBs, but NOT illustrators - people like her are few and far between.

Victoria Dixon said...

Yeah! Another agent to possibly query. Thanks for this. Especially the links to her blog/preferences. Also, thanks for the intriguing post about Article 5. I love the idea behind the book and will have to look it up.

Anonymous said...

So much great information! Thank you!

Unknown said...

hI casey! I LOOOOOVE your site! I am a newbie to this industry and I am not sure if I am even being silly asking this question... But I checked this agents website and in the client agreement form it says:

"The agency will pay for all expenses that arise in selling the author’s work, except photocopying the work; mailing it abroad; buying galleys and books; and legal assistance. The author must approve all expenses of more than $50 per occurrence."

Is this a normal practice? Just wanted to ask in case I decide to query this agent.... Thank you.

Casey McCormick said...

Literary Night Cap,

Not a silly question at all! It's been standard for a long time for the author to pay for photocopying and mailing and the like, though I think there's less of that now that so much is electronic. Legal assistance, if needed, is definitely at the author's (occasionally the publisher's) expense. The only one I'm not sure about is the galleys/books, but I'm assuming that's for any extra copies the author wants. Worth asking about if an offer comes along, but I think it all sounds pretty standard.

Unknown said...

Thanks Casey! That helps a lot. Seriously YOU ARE THE BEST! I am sure you hear that a lot! xoxo!

Marcia said...

She has disappeared from the L-P website, and her blog says she is now a publicist: http://katlovesbooks.blogspot.com/p/about-kat-salazar.html