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Tip Tuesday #131

Tip Tuesday features writers' tips on craft, research, querying, blogging, marketing, inspiration, and more. If you'd like to send in a tip, please e-mail me at agentspotlight(at)gmail(dot)com.

Today's fun tip was sent in by Christie Wright Wild. Please check out Christie's website and blog as well as her past two tips submissions, #91 and #117 

If you write chapter books or picture books, here's a great way to connect to kids.

Read kid's joke and riddle books. The kid humor is witty and silly. It will help you to connect to that funny bone we as adults often forget about. Getting down on their level of funny will help you create punchlines, endings, and might even spark an idea for a new book!

Anybody want to share one of your children's favorite jokes? 
Christie Wright Wild


Christina Lee said...

So true, Christie--the stuff my 7 y.o. snickers about surprises me sometimes!

Why did the chicken cross the playground?
To get to the other SLIDE! :D

Matthew MacNish said...

Now if only ...

Natalie Aguirre said...

Great tip Christie. Sorry I don't know a joke. I need to check out one of those books.

Lisa said...

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow w-

Christie Wright Wild said...

Those are great jokes! I'd never heard either one. How FUN!!! Makes me want to go write a book. Imagine that...hee-hee...

Old Kitty said...

I have to ask my nephews! LOL!!

Take care

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

That's one I'll have to share with my writer friends!

Stephsco said...

I love kid jokes :)

ali cross said...

I LOVE this tip! I have a real hard time finding that in my own children's writing. And I have 11 year old boys--you would think I would be all over the humor since I live it every day! I'm gonna try this tip! Yeah!

Kirsten Larson said...

Why did the banana go to the doctor? He wasn't peeling well!

Tim Jason Wallis said...

Why was the baby strawberry so sad?
Both of her parents were in a jam!

Tim Jason Wallis said...

Great tip! I'm love this series. It makes Tuesday so much more fun and informative.

Tim Jason Wallis said...

* "I" not "I'm" * Sorry about the typo and the fact that I've posted three comments instead of organizing everything into one.