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Hi Everyone! Casey and I are beyond thrilled to celebrate reaching 3000 followers. In the two years I've been Casey's blog partner, I've been amazed to watch our following grow by 2000. Thank you all for being such great followers! I'm SO grateful for all the friendships I've made through this blog. I would never have gotten to know so many fabulous writers, readers, and book review bloggers if I wasn't blogging.

So to celebrate reaching 3000 followers, Casey and I have a fabulous giveaway for you. There's 3 separate giveaways.

Prize Package #1

Two lucky winners will win the book of their choice from the books below. Casey and I are each purchasing a book for this part of the giveaway. Click on the book title to read the book description. This is open to international followers as long as you live where The Book Depository delivers for free.






Prize Package #2 Twelve winners will win one book or ARC from the choices below. This is from me. As I've tried to get more ARCs from publishers to share with you, I've also gotten so many books and ARCs that are really awesome but I don't have time to review with other things scheduled. Some of these choices I've read and enjoyed. Others I've read good reviews of and seen on other blogs I follow. Thanks to Harper, Penguin, and Kennsington Publishing for making this possible.

And I'm happy to say that I found homes for all the older middle grade books from Harper and Penguin that I couldn't spotlight at our Families with Children from China Chinese New Year party. Even the Justin Bieber books. All the kids were excited, which was so great.

This package is open to U.S. and Canada only. Sorry everyone, but the postage cost would be too high otherwise.




17 & GONE (ARC)

Hope you're excited about all the book choices in Prize Packages #1 and #2. I tried to pick ones that I thought you'd really like.

Prize Package #3 Casey is offering a 5 page critique to one winner. She's awesome at critiquing so I know someone will really love this.

To enter, all you need to do is be a follower (just click the follow button if you’re not a follower) and leave a comment and tell me the following:

Prize Package #1-Tell me which book you want. International entries are welcome as long as you live where The Book Depository ships for free.

Prize Package #2-Tell me your first two choices of books if you are from the U.S. or Canada. I'll try to match the books to the winners, but there's no guarantee I can do that for all the books. If you don't list any choices, I'll assume you don't qualify for this Prize Package.

Prize Package #3-Tell me if you want to be entered in this contest. International entries are welcome.

Please enter the contest by midnight on March 9th. I’ll announce the winners on March 11th. If your e-mail is not on Blogger, please list it in your comment.

If you mention this contest on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, mention this in the comments and I'll give you an extra entry. International entries are welcome. We'd really love if you'd spread the word about this contest.

Here's what's coming up:

Next Monday I'm interviewing Carrie Harris about writing humor and platform and giving away her new book BAD HAIR DAY and BAD TASTE IN BOYS. Carrie has a great knack in creating funny, really likeable characters. I went to her book signing for BAD HAIR DAY and discovered she lives in my town. I was SO excited to find that out and I'm excited to share her books and advice with you.

Next Wednesday I'm thrilled to interview Shannon Messenger about her new amazing YA book LET THE SKY FALL, an urban fantasy. I'm part of her blog tour and the tour is sponsoring a giveaway. And because Shannon's my friend and I loved her book, I have a giveaway too.
The following Monday  I have a guest post by Anna Staniszewski and a giveaway of her new book, MY FAIRY EPIC TALE FAIL, and her first book, MY VERY UNFAIRY TALE LIFE.

The following Wednesday, I have a guest post with debut author Liesel Hill and a giveaway of her new adult dystopian, PERSISTENCE OF VISION.

And don't forget our Tuesday Tips and Casey's Thursday agent spotlights.

Hope to see you on Monday!


  1. I'd like to just be entered for the critique please. Awesome giveaway!

    I tweeted too.

  2. These books are amazing - just mention one from each? I'm dying to read Unravel Me, Scarlet and Requiem. I've been obsessed with the cover and premise from Ten ever since I first saw it last year. Would love to read Something Strange and Deadly too. That being said, I've won a few books from Literary Rambles before and I've loved them all. ;) And Yes! Please sign me up for the 5pg critique. What a fun giveaway ladies! Happy 3000 followers! ;)

  3. I would love to get Unravel Me (Giveaway #1).
    Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations!


  4. Thanks so much for such an awesome giveaway! Congratulations as well :)
    GFC: chip
    I tweeted:

    I'd love to be entered for prize package #1 - Unravel me.

  5. Wow, that's a great giveaway, and even international! For giveaway #1 I'd want "Clockwork Princess" and luckily The Book Depository does deliver in Spain for free!

    Congratulations on the 3000 followers and thanks for a generous giveaway like this!

  6. Congrads you guys! Excellent giveaway! You two are the meaning of the word BODACIOUS!

    Would love Scarlet or Ten. I sign up to win the 5-page crit too. Tweeting and FBing. *waving and smiling* :-)

  7. I am a follower! @LindsaySmithDC
    I am interested in package #2: OUT OF THE EASY or 17 & GONE.

  8. I'm in Australia where BD does post to :) From #1 I'd love to read PRODIGY by Marie Lu. And yes, I would love to be entered in #3 as well.

    This giveaway is amazing, but so is hitting 3k followers! Congrats!!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. From package #1 I'd want to win Prophecy or Through the Ever Night
    From package #2 I'd want to win Out of the Easy or Just One Day

    Thanks for the great contest! I'll share on FB and Twitter.

  11. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway!! I'd love Scarlet from PP#1 and Just One Day or Fang Girl from PP#2. And I always love a critique, so please enter me in PP#3 as well.

    Sounds like you ladies have some awesome posts coming up!

  12. Package #1 - The Clockwork Princess
    Package #3 - Please enter me!

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway. I must remember to come back next week for Carrie Harris and Shannon Messenger!


  13. Congratulations! and thank you for this generous giveaway

    as international ( belgium) i enter only for the prize1 and i would like the book "clockwork princess"


    thank you once again

  14. Wow!! Awesome giveaway!

    Prize #1 I'd love Scarlet or Unravel Me; Prize #2 Something Strange and Deadly or Paper Valentine. :)

  15. Thanks for the giveaway

    love to win unravel me :)

    gfc : eli_y83

    shared on fb

  16. Wow - it's already been two years since Natalie joined Casey? Thanks for an awesome giveaway.
    Prize #1: Days of Blood and Starlight
    Prize #2: Just One Day
    Prize #3: Thanks, Casey!

    I'm going to share on Facebook right now. Thanks again!

  17. Awesome giveaway!

    Prize 1 - Unravel Me
    Prize 2 - Ten
    Prize 3 - Enter me please!

    Shared on twitter ad FB!

  18. Congratulations on hitting 3000!
    #1: Prophecy
    #2: Paper Valentine, Ten
    #3: Most definitely.

  19. Oooh, thanks for this amazing chance--I want all of these books! Hard to choose, but I'd go for:

    #3 Yes, please!

    I tweeted about this, too. So cool!

  20. Congrats! And thanks for such an awesome giveaway. I'm interested in the first prize pack, especially Clockwork Princess! Thanks!

  21. I can't say I have seen a giveaway like this! Congratulations on 3000 followers! This place is an invaluable resource, so here's to another 3000 and beyond! :)

  22. Congrats on 3000!

    Playing for #1 DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT


  23. I've put this on Facebook and blogged about it here:
    I live in the U.S. So for package 1, I'd love Clockwork Princess, and for package 2, my first choice is Feedback, and my second is Just One Day.
    I'm a writer, being entered in package 3 would be great too!

    ~Sarah Faulkner


  24. I'm subscribed to your site updates and became a Google follower. I live in the US

    For Prize #1: My first choice is Laini Taylor's DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT & second choice is Morgan Rhode's FALLEN KINGDOMS

    Prize #2: Gayle Forman's JUST ONE DAY or Susan Dennard's SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY

    Prize #3: Count me in!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway and congrats on the 3000 followers!!

  25. Great prizes! Thanks!

    laurajmoss at

  26. WOWEE guys, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Great prizes. From #2, I'd choose 17 & Gone and Just One Day.


  27. Hi, Natalie,

    WOW... CONGRATS... YOU girls are way over the 3000 mark now! WOOT!!!!!

    Great prizes ... Thanks!

    Prize one... Clockwork Princess.... I met Cassandra last year and would this book!

    Prize two ... 17 and Gone .... Something Strange and Deadly...

    Prize three: A critique from Casey would be AWESOME!!!!

    You have my email

    Thanks again Natalie and Casey!

  28. Congrats on 3000+ followers!

    Prize pack 1: I'd pick Prodigy! Definitely need a final copy of that one.

    Prize pack 2: 17 & Gone or Out of the Easy

    Thank you for such a great giveaway! :)

  29. Congratulations on getting so many followers!
    Prize Pack one:The Clockwork Princess :D I'm dying for it.
    Prize Pack two:Just one Day...or Out of The Easy.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. *Happy dance* Congrats on the followers! I'm stoked for this giveaway!!!!!!!!!! (In case you can't tell...)

    Prize pack #1: Throne of Glass
    Prize pack #2: Something Strange and Deadly... or Out of the Easy

    I'm looking forward to the Shannon Messenger interview. (I loved Keeper of the Lost Cities & I'm looking forward to her YA book...) Thanks for the awesome blog!

  31. Holy cow. Look at those awesome titles!

  32. Congrats on reaching 3000 followers, 5000 is surely coming too!

    Prize pack #1: Days of Blood & Starlight OR Prodigy
    Prize pack #2: Out of the Easy OR anything else, really.
    Prize pack #3: yes, please.

  33. Congrats to you both from one of the 3000 :)

    #1 Prophecy
    #2 Out of the Easy or Don't turn around
    #3 Yes please!

  34. Wow, congratulations on 3000 followers! I'd like to be entered in just Package #3, the critique. That would be an awesome prize!


  35. Prize #1: Prodigy by Marie Lu
    Prize #2: OUT OF THE EASY
    Prize #3: No thank you.

    GFC: Vivien

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  36. Wow! What a celebration! I'm fine with any of the books, but what I'd REALLY love is the critique.

  37. I would love to receive a critique. I also twitted,

    Yes, I'd love to be in #3.

    Hope I got this straight.

  38. WOO! Congrats and great contest!!!

    1 - Falling Kingdoms
    2 - Just One Day & Ten
    3 - Yes please!!

  39. Congrats and awesome giveaway! I hope I'm doing this right, if not just throw me in wherever.

    1 Unravel me
    2 Feedback
    3 yes, please!

  40. Congratulations on 3000 followers! That's awesome!!

    I'm a follower and would like to be entered into the giveaway (cherie.reich at

    Prize Package #1: Throne of Glass
    Prize Package #2: Don't Turn Around or Fang Girl
    Prize Package #3: Yes, thank you! :)

  41. Congrats on reaching 3000! And thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway!

    1. Prodigy
    2. Something Strange and Deadly or The Madness Underneath
    3. Although I think this would be an awesome prize, I don't really need one at the moment, but I think it's great that Casey is offering this!

    Thanks again!

  42. Awesome giveaway, thanks!

    1-Clockwork Princess or Scarlet
    3-Count me in!

    I tweeted!! :D

  43. Thank you so much for the very generous giveaway! From Prize Pack #1, I'd love to read REQUIEM. From Prize Pack #2, I'd love to read either SEVENTEEN AND GONE or OUT OF THE EASY. Thanks again, ladies!

  44. Wow this is such a cool contest! I'd love to win Clockwork Princess in the first giveaway. Just One Day for the seond giveaway. Also I would love the chance for a five page critique. You guys are awesome!!!!

  45. Great giveaway! Thanks for doing this!
    #1 - Scarlet or Prodigy
    #2 - Out of the Easy or Feedback
    #3 - Yes!

  46. Congratulations!! What a great milestone for you! And a super generous giveaway. I follow via GFC, Holly Bryan. My email is hmbryan(at)alumni(dot)duke(dot)edu. Here are my choices, should I be so lucky as to win:

    Prize #1: Days of Blood and Starlight
    Prize #2: Paper Valentine or Out of the Easy
    Prize #3: no, thanks, not a writer myself

    Thanks again, and congrats!

    1. Sorry, forgot to enter that I tweeted:

  47. Eeeep awesome giveaway!! :)
    Prize Package #1- I'd love to get Prophecy and Reached.

    Prize Package #2-First choice is The Madness Underneath and the second choice is 17 & Gone.

    Prize Package #3-Yes, I would like to be entered! :)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    I also tweeted:

  48. Great giveaway!! Thanks!

    Giveaway 1: Throne of Glass. :)

    Giveaway 2: 17 and Gone, second choice Paper Valentine.

    Giveaway 3: Enter me if you please!

    I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  49. #1 Days of Blood and Starlight
    #2 Fang Girl
    #3 Yes please!
    FB and twitter. Thanks!!!

  50. Giveaway #1 Prophecy

    Congrats on all the followers!

  51. Wow! Awesome giveaways!

    1. Clockwork Princess
    2. Ten or 17 and Gone
    3. I'd be interested in this one too!

  52. Wow! I'm interested in package #2: TEN or 17 & GONE. :D

  53. Congrats on 3,000 followers and thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    GFC- Chey
    from prize #1 I would love Requiem or from prize #2 I would like Paper Valentine.



  54. I also mentioned it in my blog and I tweeted about it!

  55. What a fantastic contest!
    #1: Through the Ever Night
    #2: Just One Day
    #3: Yes, I'd love a critique!

    Congratulations to you and Casey - you really have a great blog.

  56. Congratulations on reaching 3000 followers! That's amazing! In contest #1, I'd like Reached. No preference for contest #2, and I'd love to be entered in the critique!

    Thanks for doing this!

  57. What a spectacular giveaway! And BIG congrats on reaching the 3000-follower mark. Yay! :-)

  58. WOW. Awesome prizes and a huge congrats on reach 3,000 followers! This is an amazing and helpful blog (totally love it)!!
    Contest #1: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
    Contest #2: I live in Australia, so I guess no go.
    Contest #3: This would be AWESOME.

    email: notebooksisters(at)gmail(dot)com
    I also mentioned this giveaway on facebook!

  59. Awesome giveaway, thank you! Your blog is an excellent resource for writers and you do a great job with it, so I'm not surprised you've got so many followers.

    Giveaway #1 Scarlet please!
    Giveaway #2 :( I'm from the UK.
    Giveaway #3: YES PLEASE!

    charlottesoulsby [at] yahoo [dot] com

  60. Giveaway #1: Scarlet
    Giveaway #3: I'd like to be entered, please.


  61. Wow! Congrats on 3000 followers!
    Giveaway #1: Requiem

    GFC follower + email subscriber
    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway.
    Prize Pack # 1: Clockwork Princess

    GFC: Nicki J Markus (and Google Reader RSS)
    nickijmarkus AT y7mail DOT com

  63. 1. Clockwork Princess
    2. Out of the Easy
    3. Yes!

    I followed via Wordpress, and via my email 7sweet (at) comcast (dot) net (

  64. I've been a longtime follower and am delighted to see you've reached 3000--congratulations! It's well deserved.

    Prize pack #1: Days of Blood and Starlight
    Prize pack #2: Out of the Easy, Ten
    Prize pack #3: Yes.

    Thanks, and may your base of followers continue to grow. ;-)

  65. Prize package #1: Through the Ever Night

    Prize package #2: Ten and Don't Turn Around

    GFC: pandalovesyou

    pandaluvsu82 at gmail dot com

  66. This is a truly epic giveaway, and congrats on your success here! This was one of the first literary blogs I subscribed to when I got into YA (and later querying my own manuscript) and it's become an invaluable resource.

    And while this is an IMPOSSIBLE choice, I think I'd have to go with the following books:
    Pack #1 - Clockwork Princess
    Pack #2 - The Madness Underneath or Just One Day
    Pack #3 - yes please!!

    mfumarolo (at) gmail

    Thanks again, ladies, and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    1. Oh, and I tweeted!

  67. Thanks for the great contest!

    #1. Scarlet
    #2. Out of the Easy
    #3. Yes please!

  68. 3000?! Congrats! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I'd like prize pack 1 Throught the ever night.

  69. Whee! This is a great giveaway and congrats on the followers!

    (if you're checking for the follow, I follow under my old gmail address ghenygator09 at gmail dot com. Haven't moved my Reader over to new email yet.)

    Prize Package #1--Clockwork Princess!
    Prize Package #2: Ten and Something Strange & Deadly!
    Prize Package #3: Yes please!

  70. Congrats on the amazing following, you constantly pay it forward to aspiring writers by posting useful info so if i beat the odds and win a prize i would like the following:

    Prize Package #1
    Clockwork Princess

    again if I beat the odds my email addy is

  71. Congrats on 3000 followers. WOW! That's an amazing milestone :)

    Prize Package #1 - Either Scarlet or Days of Blood and Starlight. Tough choice.

    Prize Package #2 - Something Strange and Deadly or Ten.

    Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!

  72. #1 Days of Blood and Starlight
    #2 Either Don't Turn Around or The Ruining

    All of the books are FANTASTIC and I would love to win any of them.

  73. OOh - congrats on 3K followers!
    #1 Through the Ever night
    #2 Just one day

    I've read a few of those ARCs - The Ruining is really good.

  74. First, I just want to thank you for hosting these three awesome giveaways. I am a follower who would be tickled to win any of the following:

    #1: Unravel Me
    #2: 17 & Gone
    #3: That would be fantastic.

  75. Wow, congrats on the 3,00 followers! I've been wanting to read Days of Blood.

  76. Ooooh, a party. This is a great giveaway (and lots of great books!!!). Since my TBR pile is already out of control, I'm going to watch from the sideline.

    Congratulations on all your followers, ladies. (throws confetti*

  77. What wonderful prizes, but more importantly, what a fantastic achievement! Not only is this a wonderful blog, but you are a tireless, kind, and generous supporter for the whole online community. I am constantly in awe, Natalie! And congrats as well to Casey!

  78. Tweet:

    Prize #1: Requiem

    Congrats on the big 3,000.

  79. Wow, 3000 followers? Congrats on reaching such an epic milestone.
    Since I'm from NZ:
    #1: Can't decide between Falling Kingdoms and Throne of Glass. Pick either one.
    #3: Definitely!

    And I tweeted:

  80. Congratulations and you deserve that many followers. I'm interested in Taherah's book and the Clockwork Princess. I aslo want to read My Very Unfairytale Life.
    Ctitique? Really? I'm all over that. Off to tweet and facebook.

  81. Such an awesome contest! And an awesome taste in books as either own or want all of thes but if I have to chose (having a UK address and a Canadian one for shipping and being totally 100% in for the crit!)

    Prize Package #1- Falling Kingdoms! Or Requiem.

    Prize Package #2- First two choices are Ten or Paper Valentine!

    Prize Package #3- Yes! Definitely want to be entered in this! In fact this is my preferred of the wins if we're only getting to win one thing :)

    I follow on Google Reader, so don't know if my email turns up, I am at alwynhamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

    And I tweeted!

  82. #1 Throne of Glass!
    #2 Just One Day is my first pick. If it's taken I'd like The Ruining. :)
    #3 Oh yes please!

    emilyrachellewrites @ gmail . com

  83. Congratulations on your mega accomplishment, ladies! I'm not surprised, though, given how helpful your blog is to so many writers and readers. So proud of you guys! And what an amazing giveaway!! <3

  84. Congrats Casey and Natalie on the 3000 followers achievement. You two ladies rock. What a lovely giveaway. Though I decided not to join the giveaway as I live too far away for you all to courier the book, I am still tempted.

    # 1 Falling Kingdoms

  85. Congrats on the HUGE following. For prize# 1 I would want to win Scarlett or Days of Blood and Starlight. For prize two Just one day is my first pick and Ten is my second.


    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  86. Congratulations! Such a wonderful giveaway!
    PP#1: Throne of Glass
    PP#2:Paper Valentine, then Ten

  87. Congrats on reaching so many followers, and thanks for the great giveaway!

    PP#1: Scarlet
    PP#2: Ten or Feedback

    bookwormsusanna AT gmail DOT com

  88. Wow!!! Thanks! And congrats!!!

    #1 Through the Ever Night
    #2 Ten and Feedback

    I follow :) themgowl at gmail dot come

  89. What a generous giveaway:)

    #1: Falling Kingdoms
    #3: Yes, please include me.

    I follow the site. tania (dot) f (dot) walsh (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. Thank you Casey and Natalie for such a wonderful site. Your Agent Spotlights and Interviews are invaluable. Congratulations on reaching 3,200 followers! You two ladies are the best!

    #1 - Prodigy
    #2 - 17 & Gone and Just One Day
    #3 - Yes, please include me

    I'm already a follower and have blogged about the contest

  91. I'm a follower!

    Prize Package #1: I'd love to have Prodigy
    Prize Package #2: I'd like any of these books, but I'd particular like Just One Day or Paper Valentine.

    My email is:
    I mentioned on twitter:
    I mentioned on tumblr:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Congrats !!!

    i'm international,
    so gonna chose #1 giveaway : either Prodigy or THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT.

    gfc : mariska hadienns

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  93. Yay! Congrats on 3000+ followers :D That is amazing. <3 I love your blog :) I'm entering for prize pack #1, since I live in Norway :) Would love to win a copy of The Indigo Spell. <3 Thank you so much sweetie :) GFC follower as Carina Olsen.
    Love, Carina

  94.!!!! You ladies rock! :)
    Congrats on the 3000 - that's an amazing #!

    My choices would be:
    #1 - Clockwork Princess
    #2 - Ten
    #3 - yes please!

  95. wow! Congratulations on having 3000 followers! :))

    GFC Follower: Pauline Tolentino
    Prize Package #1 : Requiem

  96. Congrats on hitting 3000 followers! That's a huge accomplishment!

    GFC: Texas Book Lover
    #1: Through the Ever Night
    #2: Crimson Frost or Paper Valentine
    Please don't enter me in #3

    Thanks so much!
    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

    1. I also tweeted:

  97. Congrats girls on the success! Wow, 3,000+? That's amazing! I would like to choose #2 and my preference is for PAPER VALENTINE and then SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY. Cheers!

  98. Congratulations! I only just stumbled onto this site today and have already learned many neat things. Thanks!

    #3 only, please (and thank you).

  99. Oh wow, congratulations! So kind of you to host such a fantastic giveaway!
    Prize #1~ Clockwork Princess or Falling Kingdoms. I can't decide.

    Prize #2 ~ Crimson Frost

    And you don't have to enter me for #3 since I don't have anything near ready to be critiqued.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  100. Congratulations on your follower milestone! And thank you so much for this epic giveaway.
    I'm an international follower so please enter me for Prize #1 - Requiem.

    sauvadeavelle at yahoo dot com

  101. That is a fantastic giveaway. Congrats on so many followers! Yours is a great blog and you deserve it. :)

  102. I follow under Mackenzi Lee or Mackenzilee or something like that. But my gmail is giving me trouble right now and I can't log in to comment.
    #1 - Throne of Glass
    #2 - Just One Day and Paper Valentine
    #3 - I qualify!

  103. Prize Package 1- I need the Clockwork Princess in my life or
    Prize package 2- I'm dying to read Paper Valentine.

  104. Congratulations on your big milestone! This is such an amazing site, I'm not surprised you have so many followers! Thank you for the chance to win.
    #1 - Scarlet
    #2 - Paper Valentine
    #3 - I'd love a critique from Casey, so yes, please enter me.
    I tweeted about your contest to help spread the word!

  105. Prize #1: I'd like to win Prodigy.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway! And Congratulations!
    by.evie at yahoo dot com dot br

  106. Thank you so much for this giveaway! And congratulations on your awesome milestone! :)

    Prize Pack 1: Would love to win Prodigy by Marie Lu!

    GFC Follower: Precious Banaag

    precious_shusky AT yahoo dot com

  107. Congratulations!!

    Prize Pack 1: Prodigy by Marie Lu

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway! ^U^

  108. Congrats on you followers!! :)
    gfc follower: Antonia Jujnović
    Prize Package #1 - Throne of Glass
    Prize Package #3 - I am in!!
    I tweeted:

  109. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway!

    Prize Package #1 - Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor
    email: yvonnecolley[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks :)

  110. Congrats and thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    Prize Package #1 : Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

    GFC : Aline Tobing
    Facebook :
    Twitter :


  111. Prize Pack 1!:)

    Thank you and congrats on the 3k+ followers!:)

    following via GFC

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  112. Congratulation.
    Prize Package #1 : Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

    i follow this blog using GFC: sweety white
    and i tweet about this :


    Thank you for the giveaway.

  113. OK. How about Prize Pack #1: Falling Kingdoms. Prize Pack #2: Just One Day. And yes, sign me up for a 5-page critique from Casey for Prize #3. Congrats on breaking the 3,000 follower mark!!!

  114. Congratulations on the milestone!!

    Although I'd love to win Something Strange & Deadly, I only qualify for prize #1. I'd choose Requiem or TtEN! :)

    Shared on Facebook:

    celeste_fiore [at] live {dot} com

  115. wow great contest! If I were to win, I'd really like:

    Prize package 1:Prophecy

    Prize package 2:17 and Gone and Something Strange and Deadly.

    And yes, I'd love to be considered for prize package 3!

  116. Congrats on 3000- that's ridiculously awesome :)

    Pack #1- Throne of Glass
    Pack #2- Out of the Easy, Ten

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  117. Congrats on 3000+ followers!

    Prize Package #1-Reached

    Prize Package #2-So many are on my Wishlist that I'd honestly be happy with any of them! Ten, Don't Turn Around, Something Strange and Deadly, Paper Valentine, Feedback...LOL!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

    GFC: Darlene
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  120. Oh, I'll Facebook it too - so enter me again! Love it.

  121. Paper Valentine looks Great, but would love to win any of the prize packages.

  122. I wish I had time to read all those books!Thanks for the chance to win at least one :)

    #1 Clockwork Princess
    #2 Paper Valentine
    #3 Ten

    THANKS for the great giveaway!You guys rock!

  123. Congrats on the followers and thanks for the giveaway!
    #1 Clockwork Princess
    #2 Just One Day, Paper Valentine
    #3 sign me up!!
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  124. Congratulations! I love following your blog. And I would love a prize!

    #1 - Reached
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    Thanks for the giveaways and for all your awesome posts...

  125. Prize package one: Scarlet

    Prize package two: Ten and Paper Valentine

    Prize package three: YES!

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  126. Congrats! What a milestone.
    1. Requiem
    2. Out of the Easy & Just One Day
    3. Yes!

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  127. Congrats! I've only just found this blog, and I see why you have so many followers - really great interviews!

    1. Scarlet
    2. Ten and Paper Valentine
    3. Yes, please!

  128. I would really love to win Clockwork Princess (Giveaway #1). I really love this blog, from its great interview to the helpful agents spotlight. Congrats on the 3000 followers!

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  131. Hi I'd like to be entered for all 3 prizes.
    I'd like Clockwork Princess from the first package.
    For the 2nd package I'd like Paper Valentine or The Runing.
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  132. Hello! I would like to enter the first giveaway.
    I would pick Reached by Ally Condie!
    Congrats on 3000+ followers! :D

  133. Giveaway 1
    The clockwork princess sounds great

    Kim m

  134. I would love Clockwork Princess for the giveaway #1. The Running and Something Strange and Deadly sound great for giveaway #2. And I would love to be entered for a critque from Casey. Seriously, this is one of my favorite writing blogs ever. I can tell the awesome amount of work that you both put in. Congrats on 3000 followers and here's to 3000 more!

  135. Prize Package #1, please! I'd like Scarlet.


    Thanks so much!

  136. Congratulations on reaching 3000 followers.
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    1) SCARLET
    3) Yes, please enter me!


  140. For Prize #1 I'd love Throne of Glass! :)
    GFC: Sarah Spicer