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Today I'm doing a guest post at GreenBeanQueenTeen, a fantastic librarian blog I follow, about some of my favorite middle grade novels and what I think they do right.

I hope you'll stop by and say hi.


  1. Hi Natalie, Just thought I'd let you know I stopped by but it isn't up yet. Any idea when it's going to be posted?

  2. Just read it! I tried to leave a comment, but a comment box didn't pop up, so I couldn't. Great round-up of upper middle grade books! I still need to read Seeing Cinderella, and I haven't read too many Percy Jackson books. There are so many middle grades that I love~ Linda Urban and Anne Ursu are favorites. For series, I've enjoyed Fablehaven and The Beyonders.

  3. I'll stop by and check it out!

  4. I'll check it out.

  5. I have to visit anyone name GreenBeanQueenTeen! See you in a bit.

  6. The link is not working for me. :(

  7. The link isn't working for me either, Natalie. But I found it by Googling and read and commented. Great post! Happy Memorial Day.

  8. I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know.