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Writing / Research Tip Tuesday #21

It's Tuesday! Again! That means I have another great tip to share. This one from aspiring author Lisa Nowak of The Tao of Webfoot. Please visit her blog after you've finished up here. Lisa's known for posting very genuine, inspiring posts that speak to me as a fellow writer.

Here she is:

"When I 'm writing I sometimes have trouble getting the words to flow, but I've found that a little physical activity will jog loose those ideas. I bought a digital recorder to capture my inspirations, and now I carry it with me whenever I take a walk or a drive. The model I use is a Panasonic RR-US450. It allows you to store up to 99 files in each of its folders, and you have to make a conscious effort to erase one, so you can't accidentally record over your old thoughts, the way you can with tapes. This machine comes with software that allows you to download your notes to a computer. The voice recognition feature isn't the greatest, but I understand that you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking once the files are on your computer. Even without that feature, keyboard commands allow you to stop and start the file so you don't have to interrupt your typing to pause the recording. In addition, the recording reverses by several words when you resume playing, so if you're a lousy typist like me, you can easily catch what you missed."

I love this tip, Lisa. Recording myself is something I never would have thought to do, but I'm loving the idea. I think I'll have to pick up one of these recorders and give it a shot!


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Casey--Thanks for sharing Lisa's tip. When (it's warm enough) I walk the dog, I carry a voice recorder too. I find it useful when I've got a story or two perculating. Mine isn't as posh as Lisa's, I have to play it back one message at a time and type it on the computer.

Scott said...

I have a voice recorder on my phone, which I use quite often, and just downloaded the Dragon App for IPhone. Both are great, and come in handy when inspiration strikes in the car . . . which happens way to often for my taste!


Unknown said...

Oh that is a good idea. As I was running this morning, I was going over my story and now I wish I could remember the conversation I ran through in my head. Yeah, it's long gone.

Samantha Clark said...

Thanks for the tip, Lisa and Casey. I'm always thinking about my writing when I'm walking the dog, in the car, on the tread mill, etc., and when I get a good idea, I play it in my head over and over until I can get to my computer or notebook to jot it down. A recorder would be easier.

Thermocline said...

I carry a micro-recorder wherever I go. I think dog walks and driving work so well for me because my body being engaged allows my mind to wander. I find I have to do a lot more editing when I get back to my computer but the dialog sounds more real, probably because I'm actually speaking it.

MG Higgins said...

What a great idea. I carry a little notebook for jotting down ideas but a recorder would be much quicker.

Elana Johnson said...

I so need to get a recorder. I've thought of it many times. I've talked with people who do it. I suppose I'm just too lazy to go out and buy one? Yeah, I'll remedy that. Maybe. ;)

Lisa Nowak said...

Casey,thanks so much for posting my tip! I hope people find it helpful. :)

Heather Kelly said...

Oh, boy. This beats my folded up index cards and pen that I stuff into my iPod holder when I run... Boy, am I behind the times. At least I'm not still running with my tape deck walkman!

Keri Mikulski said...

Great idea!

I definitely agree about running.. Does it for me every time. :)

Chris said...

That sounds like a great idea! I hadn't thought about using my Blackberry's voice recorder. Have to give that a try too.