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Agent Spotlight: Natalie Lakosil

This week's Agent Spotlight features Natalie Lakosil of Bradford Literary Agency.
Status: As of 11/1/2019, Ms. Lakosil is closed to submissions. Check the agency website to find out when she opens to submissions.
natalie-m-fischer About: "Natalie is an agent at Bradford Literary Agency. An honors graduate of the University of San Diego, California, Natalie holds a B.A. in Literature/Writing. Natalie has been an agent since 2009; after nearly four years at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and a brief dabble in writing author profiles and book reviews for the San Diego Union Tribune, Natalie joined Bradford Literary Agency in February 2011."
About the Agency:
The Bradford Literary Agency is a boutique agency which offers a full range of representation services to authors who are both published and pre-published. Our mission at the Bradford Literary Agency is to form true partnerships with our clients and build long-term relationships that extend from writing the first draft through the length of the author’s career.” (Link)
Web Presence:
Bradford Literary Agency website.
Adventures in Agentland.
Manuscript Wish List.
What She's Looking For:
From her Bio :
"Natalie’s specialties are all ages (PB, chapter book, MG, YA) of children’s literature (fiction and nonfiction), adult cozy mystery/crime, female-driven thrillers, and upmarket women’s/general fiction. She also represents illustrators and select adult nonfiction. (Link)
"In novels, she likes historical (primarily 1800s-1920s), multi-cultural, own voice representation, magical realism, LGBTQ, strong female leads, sci-fi/fantasy, gritty, thrilling and darker contemporary novels, and horror.
"In picture books, she likes short-texted (500 words or less), emotionally-resonant, quirky or character-driven. She likes softer, lyrical bedtime books that are beautifully written, humor, strong voices, strong characters, and texts with fun, clever and unexpected twists at the end.
"She looks for unique perspectives and fresh ideas in nonfiction. In children’s nonfiction, she likes picture book biographies, STEAM topics, and texts exploring feminist and social issues. In adult nonfiction, platform and innovation are key; Natalie is drawn to prescriptive titles in the areas of self-help, psychology, business, and science, and is also open to quirky gift and humor books, New Age titles, and nonfiction featuring under-represented voices.” (Link)
What She Isn't Looking For:
She is not accepting new adult romance or adult science fiction clients and does not represent inspirational novels, romantic suspense, poetry, or screenplays (Link)
Editorial Agent?
“I’m pretty well known as a hands-on agent. I expect any client I sign to be open to suggestion, and I always discuss this upfront. I don’t expect to re-write a book, and I also expect to have to back off if the writer absolutely feels that what I’m suggesting is not best for their work. I really enjoy a collaborative working relationship.” (Link)
There is a page of agency authors on the website. Ms. Lakosil’s clients include:
Amy Alexander, Harry Bernstein,  Monique Domovitch, Julie Eshbaugh, Stephanie Faris, Rachel Mercaldo, Roseanne Thong, J.A. Souders, Elizabeth Spurr, Elle Strauss, Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman. among others.
Query Methods:
E-mail: No.
Snail-Mail: No.  
Online-Form: Yes.
Submission Guidelines (always verify): Closed to submissions as of 12/1/2019
“We do not open email attachments, unless specifically requested by an agent. Your entire submission must appear in the body of the email and not as an attachment.
“The subject line should begin as follows: QUERY: (The title of the manuscript or any short message you would like us to see should follow)
Send your query to one agent at a time.
Fiction - :Please email a query letter along with the first chapter of your manuscript and a synopsis. Please be sure to include the genre and word count in your cover letter."
Illustrators & Picture Books - "Picture book submissions should include a short query along with the entire manuscript in the body of email. Feel free to send 2-3 picture book submissions at one time (within the body of the email). Artwork is not required to submit a picture book text, but if you are an illustrator and/or seeking representation for artwork, please include a link to your online portfolio and a link to the online dummy. Please do not attach artwork to the email submission."
See the Bradford Literary website for complete, up-to-date submission guidelines.
Response Times:
The agency has a stated response time of 4 weeks on queries. Stats on the web show Ms. Lakosil usually responds within days to a few weeks to queries and 4-8 weeks to requested material.
What's the Buzz?
Natalie (Fischer) Lakosil has been representing clients since Sept ‘09. Her clients seem to love her and she's been known to seek out writers online whose excerpts she likes (in other words, she scouts!). The Bradford Literary Agency is very well respected, representing many talented and best-selling authors.
Follow her on Twitter to get a feel for her funny and sweet personality. 
Worth Your Time:
Interviews and Guest Post:
Interview with Agent Natalie Lakosil at Justin Colon Books (02/2019)
Natalie Lakosil and Lindsey Becker Guest Post at Literary Rambles (04/2017)
Interview at Writing and Illustrating (07/2016)
Interview with Literary Agent Natalie Lakosil with Brian Humak (08/2014)
Contest Q&A with Natalie Fischer at Operation Awesome (11/2011).
Literary Agent Natalie Fischer On Nailing Voice, interview at Adventure’s in YA & Children’s Publishing (03/2011).
Natalie has a fantastic blog called Adventures in Agentland.
Please see the Bradford Literary Agency website for contact and query information.
Last updated: 4/26/2019. Updated 5/13/2020 as to submission status only
Agent Contacted For Review? Yes.
Last Reviewed By Agent?  4/30/19.
Have any experience with this agent? See something that needs updating? Please leave a comment or e-mail me at

Note: These agent profiles and interviews presently focus on agents who accept children's fiction. Please take the time to verify anything you might use here before querying an agent. The information found here is subject to change.


  1. Thanks, Casey - she's definitely going on my list!

  2. I agree. She seems like she'd be great to work with. Thanks for your research, Casey!

  3. Thanks for the great spotlight. She's definitely going on my list too. Wouldn't it be cool for an author named Natalie to be represented by an agent with the same first name?

  4. Great information as usual Casey! I'm for sure going to look into this one. She seems a great fit for my WIP!

  5. I follow her on Twitter, and she really seems to know her stuff! I plan on querying her once my ms is polished. Just wish she took e-queries!

  6. Another great profile. Thanks for doing these Casey. They are such a gift!

    BTW, she tweeted something interesting a few days ago:

    "GET A BLOG (blogger is nice). Put a two-sentence desc. of ur book and contact info. I SCOUT. #pubtip, #askagent "

  7. Wow! You profiled my agent!!! This was a great post; you did an excellent job describing Natalie and what she is looking for. She is WONDERFUL to work with - very approachable and accessible. I would highly recommend her to any serious authors who write in the genres she represents. ~ Julie Eshbaugh

  8. Thank you for all the great comments, everyone.

    Julie, great feedback! Thank you so much. She seems wonderful.

    Ms. Fischer has reviewed her profile. Everything should be current!

  9. Great interview, Casey!

    After reading it, I went to the website and read her Bio, then emailed her a query for my YA. I love the fact that she likes “beautiful dark” novels. ;-)

  10. Did you read her submission guidelines, Sherry? The agency is snail-mail only right now.

    Also, these are just profiles, not interviews.

    Good luck! Maybe you'll get a response anyway.

  11. Great post! It also helped me connect with some of my agent sisters, so thanks for the links.

  12. This was oozing with personal and professional details Casey. EXCELLENT!

    Shame about not accepting e-mail queries, least not YET - right?

    I always go to the pet peeves before anything else. I find it really enlightening and beneficial learning what people DISLIKE.


  13. Thanks, Casey! Your blog is SO helpful in the search-for-really-great-agents part of querying! Natalie sounds wonderful.

  14. Great interview! Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  15. This is really a great idea, Casey. You = awesome!

  16. Great profile, Casey! Natalie seems like a wonderful agent to have for representation . . . thanks so much for your research! :)

  17. I was all set to submit a historical romance mss to her but then I noticed the agency doesnt accept email query. A pity - she seemed a good fit for me.

  18. As of September Natalie is accepting e-queries. She asks for the query, synopsis, and first 15 pages in the body of the email. The address: nfsubmissions (at) dijkstraagency (dot) com.

  19. Thanks Warhall! Updated submission guidelines.

  20. Hi Casey,
    Natalie has a new last name - didn't find her when I did my inital search here.

  21. As Anonymous said, Natalie got married last September, and is now Natalie M. Lakosil if anyone is looking for her.

  22. Thanks Anon and S. Kyle. I got her profile updated!