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WANTED: YA Readers for Sherry

Hey all!  Sherry has another request.  She's looking for some teen/college-age readers to read the first 50 pages of her YA manuscript.  If you're a young adult, please check out her ad below. For a sample of her writing, view her ad from last week (now closed) or go to her website.  Interested in being a reader for her?  She can be reached at paranormal_writer @ yahoo.com

Here's Sherry:

Do you love to read? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you review books on a blog or website?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, than you're perfect for my Reading Evaluation! Yea!

I am looking for YA readers to review the first 50 pages of my manuscript.

I'm presently working on a YA paranormal/romance and would prefer a reader who loves reading supernatural love stories, horror, and/or paranormal suspense.
If you love scary, romantic or fantasy fiction, you might enjoy this process.

Who? High School or College Students who love to read.

What? You will be reading 50 pages of an unpublished work of fiction that I’m trying to find an agent for. After reading it, you will formulate an opinion and offer insightful feedback.

This will include a short questionnaire to be filled out after reading the text. Questions like: Does the heroine sound and act like a typical teenager? Do her reactions seem believable?

Where? You can do this from school or home, on your computer.

How? I will send you the pages via email. You get a two-week turnaround deadline. That is, you have two weeks to read the 50 pages and fill out the questionnaire.

Why should I help? Wouldn't it be wicked cool to get to say, "That book got published because of me?”

And if the book does get published, I will include your name in the dedication page and send you a signed copy in the mail before it hits the shelves.


Dark Angel Reviewws said...

Thanks again, Casey! You rock!

Matthew MacNish said...

How cool. How can I get people to do this for my novel?

Just kidding, I have a beta, but my MS is not quite ready for this kind of thing.

Casey Something said...

Sherry, you're welcome.

Matthew, you can always send me an ad to post when you're ready. : )

Thanks for commenting!

Cate Kariaxi said...

Dang. I feel like I'm too old to pretend to be college age any more (tops is age 24, right?). But I'd love to do something like this.


Thanks for posting though. I'm snagging that link for reading later. Looks like she has good tips. :)

Ann Marie Wraight said...

THAT SOUNDS like a FANTABULOUS way to get reviews from the ABSOLUTELY correct demographic group in society....

May try it at some point!

I'd offer to pretend to be a'lamb' myself but I think that the mutton in me is pretty obvious...BBAAAA


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Let's hope Sherry gets a lot of helpful readers!

Unknown said...

I'm doing quite a few reads right now, otherwise I'd offer, but I thought I'd mention inkpop- it has mostly YA readers/writers, so it would be easy to get several different perspectives (depending on the audience you're going for). Good luck Sherry!

Kate Evangelista said...

Good luck, Sherry!