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Q&A with Tina Wexler of ICM

Hey everyone!

I have another exciting opportunity for you. Tina Wexler of International Creative Management has agreed to do a Q&A with us! Last month's Q&A went so well, I've decided to make this a monthly feature, if possible.

You'll be e-mailing me your questions but please read the following details before you do!

Ms. Wexler is going to answer as many as questions possible but won't be answering all of them, especially since there are bound to be repeats and similarities. To increase the likelihood of your question being answered, please refrain from asking situation-specific questions. Think of it like an interview. The best questions are those that benefit everyone. Also, the more original you are, the more likely your question won't be a repeat. Please limit yourself to one question, two at the most. When you e-mail, please include the name or screen name you'd like your question posted under when the Q&A goes up.

The actual Q&A probably won't be posted for a week or two as Ms. Wexler is going on vacation next week. We'll have to be patient. For more information on Tina Wexler and what she's looking for, please check out her Spotlight and the interviews she's done.

I'll take questions for approximately 24 hours at which point a cut-off post will be posted. Ready? Go! E-mail me your questions at agentspotlight(at)gmail(dot)com. Updates will appear at the bottom of this post in RED, if needed.

UPDATE 1 (2:00 p.m.): I've only received a handful of questions. Please take advantage of this fabulous opportunity and send one in!

UPDATE 2 (9:02 p.m.): We have a nice set of questions now, but you still have until tomorrow morning to send them in. Don't be shy! I'm loving the variety.

UPDATE 3 (6/22): Okay, I'm closing this post down. Thanks for spreading the word and sending questions in, everyone! The Q&A will probably post the week after next as Ms. Wexler is going on vacation. Thank you for your patience!


  1. I'm excited about this one. I'm looking forward to hearing her answer to my question - it's something I've always wondered about.

    Thanks for doing this, Casey!

  2. Blast! I've been out of town and missed the questions this time. I'm looking forward to all the answers. Thank you Casey for all your hard work.