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Agent Spotlight: Steven Axelrod

This week's Agent Spotlight features Steven Axelrod of The Axelrod Agency, Inc.
StevenAxelrodAbout: “Steven Axelrod has been an agent for over 30 years and president of his own agency for more than 25 years. Prior to agenting, he was an editor at The Literary Guild, managing editor at Harcourt Brace and a reader for a number of paperback houses. His present clients include two-time Edgar Award-winning mystery author S.J. Rozan, as well as many top women’s fiction authors, including #1 New York Times bestsellers Christine Feehan, J.R. Ward and Julia Quinn, as well as multi-New York Times Bestsellers Jayne Ann Krentz, Susan Elizabeth Phillips , Suzanne Brockmann and Catherine Anderson."
Status: Accepting submissions.
What He's Looking For:
Chick Lit, Fantasy (paranormal), Mystery, Romance, Thrillers/Suspense, Women's Fiction, Young Adult. (Link, Link)
“In terms of fantasy, he is only interested in paranormal fantasy.” (Link)
What He Isn't Looking For:
Picture books, screenplays, high fantasy.
About the Agency:
Founded in 1983 (Link). 
In 1994 the agency joined with The Rowland Agency to form the Axelrod & Rowland Agency; however, they appear to have separated in recent years. (Link)
Editorial Agent?
Web Presence:
Website (under construction).
AgentQuery, QueryTracker
Amanda Hocking, Jayne Ann Krentz, Suzanne Brockmann, Christine Feehan, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julia Quinn, Catherine Anderson, Anne Frasier,  and S.J. Rozan

Query Methods:
E-mail: Yes.
Snail-Mail: Yes.   
Online-Form: No.
Submission Guidelines (always verify):
Send a query letter only.  Include a SASE if querying by snail-mail.
See the agency website for contact information (including e-query address).
What's the Buzz?
Steven Axelrod is considered a top notch agent, well known for his award-winning, bestselling mystery and women’s fiction clients and years in the business.  He accepts young adult fiction according to all the databases, but I am not aware of any YA clients or sales at this time.  I couldn’t find any specifics on what he might be looking for in the YA realm, but I think he’s definitely worth a query. 
Worth Your Time:
None that I could find online.
Please see the agency website and one of the query databases above for contact and query information.
Profile Details:
Last updated: 12/29/2022 
Agent contacted for review? Yes
Last reviewed by agent? N/A
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Note: These agent profiles presently focus on agents who accept children's fiction. They are not interviews. Please take the time to verify anything you might use here before querying an agent. The information found herein is subject to change.


Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Another brilliant spotlight, Casey!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Great spotlight. Too bad he's only interested in paranormal fantasy. Where are the high fantasy lovers? It's awesome. But he sounds like a great agent for the right person.

Martha Ramirez said...

How funny I was just going to write: another great spotlight, Casey! I see many agree:)Thanks for taking the time out.

Agents just see dollar signs? said...

As far as author Amanda Hocking is concerned, I'm glad she found success in self-publishing. But I also read that she was turned down by every NY publishing house (though I don't know how true that is since none of them really take unagented material from aspiring authors). Anyway, as for the $2 million "deal" Axelrod got her, she was on her way to doing it by herself (if she hadn't already). I'm assuming she shopped her project around to lit agents, too befor going the self-publishing route. That assumption makes me think Axelrod isn't interested in her talent or ideas, only the $ she can make him. She doesn't need this guy at all to GIVE 15% of her earnings to. I don't know the whole story so whatever.

Anonymous said...

I'd be wary of assuming much about anything about Amanda Hocking. As you said, she was well on her way to getting a deal like the one she got herself, so I'm assuming she had a large number of high-profile agents she could have signed with, all equally eager for the $ she could make them. She's been very vocal about the fact that she prefers not having to focus on the business side of writing, leaving more time and energy for the creative aspects, so I would think she'd have every interest in finding the best business partner for her books as possible - and as such, her selection of Mr. Axelrod as her agent probably says a lot of credible things about him, as he surely had something that interested her in him above other agents.

Sunshine Kamaloni said...

I'm reading this in June 2021 and I noticed that J.R Ward and Christine Feehan may no longer be clients of his? As a debut author I wonder if that's something to pay attention to or this sort of thing happens in publishing too - people part ways and move on.

Natalie Aguirre said...

It does sometimes happen that agents and authors part ways. It could be a red flag if a lot of authors leave an agent, but otherwise I think it is something that just happens for various reasons between the author and agent.

Daal said...

much appreciate this, Natalie - btw, I love anything to do with books & would be thrilled if you’d write a guest blog post for my site, which is for anyone who loves writing, books, and all the arts. If you think it might be fun or helpful to have my followers (who total about 10k across my various social media) meet you, here’s the link for general guidelines: https://wp.me/p6OZAy-1eQ - best - da-AL