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Tip Tuesday #67

Hey everyone! I have another great tip from Lisa Nowak today (she has so many great ones!). Please give this a read and then stop by her blog for a little Christmas cheer. You don't want to miss Lisa singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlecats. : ) Really, go be amused.
Backing up Emails

I'm too lazy to keep a journal, but I do have people I email regularly, sharing what I've been up to. With my writing friends, I often brainstorm book ideas in these emails. Several years ago I realized they were a valuable resource, so I started archiving them. Each month I save them to Word, creating a document with a name that makes it easy to find later. (ex: Aug 2010) I save the emails I receive in separate documents from the ones I send. By backing things up this way, it's easy to find things later by doing a word search. If I know, for example, that I discussed ideas for a particular character last summer, I open the appropriate document and do a search for that character's name.

While this is useful for archiving story ideas, it's also a nice substitute for a journal. Sometimes it's fun to take a trip down memory lane to see what was so important to you a year or two ago.
Great tip, Lisa! I archive a lot of the e-mails I receive but hadn't considered backing up the important ones I send. I bet it's really neat reading through those old thoughts and feelings.


  1. Cool idea! I am so not organized enough to do that. I always end up just doing searches through my gmail.

  2. GREAT idea!

    Happy Holidays, and thanks for running such an awesome blog, Casey. I read it often, and don't comment enough. Really appreciate the info you pass on to the rest of us.


  3. I don't get as many useful emails, but I sometimes email myself attachments of word docs I want to keep that way it's backed up on google's server too.

  4. Great idea. I also save some of the e-mails in a special folder in my e-mails. But putting it in a word document with the subject listed might be more helpful.

  5. great idea... that would take organisational discipline...

  6. Thanks for posting my tip, Casey!

  7. I, too, use the folders option but creating an actual Word doc would give me something easier to access long-term. Great tip--thanks for sharing!