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Words of Hope


(Ira Glass.  Found via Heather Petty’s tumblr.)


  1. Well said. And I can tell you it took me a long time to figure that out, too.

    In fact, it was only when writing to a friend about their own work that I got it: "If it doesn't reach what you want it to be, that's good. In fact, if you ever think it's perfect, that's the time to worry. 'Cause that'll mean you're not aiming high enough, and you'll stop growing as a writer."

  2. I agree, maine character. It's just a problem when your aspirations are so high, your writing makes you physically ill. : p

    Must. Fight. Through.

    Thank you for Tweeting this, Lydia!

  3. Thanks, Casey. I needed to read this. As I faced my ms today, the temptation to quit was overwhelming.

  4. *Hugs* Suzie. Keep fighting, okay? We all go through it.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going. It'll inspire me this weekend.

  6. So true! I even found this when I was a kid, learning piano. My brother and sister quit before they got over the "hump," before it was FUN. Once you get over it, it's smooth sailing.

  7. Those are definitely words to live by. :)

  8. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the "we all go through this" because it's good to be reminded we aren't alone.

  9. Can I buy this as a poster somewhere? It's awesome!

  10. Thanks for sharing that. The first thing I did was save it as a picture. I love how well it expressed it -- "the gap".

  11. This is true of painting and drawing as well. It is very important to celebrate EVERYTHING we do -- even the yucky stuff -- because it is taking us someplace better. Thanks for this reminder.

  12. Thank you for posting this. When it comes to creative work, whether it is writing, singing, drawing or any other creative avenue, it is easy to consider giving up when things don't "happen". Especially when all around you, it seems to just "happen" for other people, so why not you? But I've grown a lot since starting my writing journey. Funny to think I still have so much more to learn.
    Yet I will Fight. My. Way. Through :-)

  13. Ah, YES! This is lovely. So so true. How incredibly encouraging!

  14. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Does this come as a poster?

  15. This is definitely one of those reality shifters, and it says it so well. Thanks for sharing this, Casey.

  16. I love this. Thanks for sharing it - we all need to read this.

  17. Fantastic! I'm going to share this.