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Today, I'm thrilled to help celebrate Lenny Lee's birthday. He turns 13 today.


Here's 10 things I love about Lenny:

1. He's a fantastic person who is always positive. Without going into his personal life, I'll share that he's gone through more challenges than most adults have and he's always so optimistic about life. 

2.  He has a great blog, Lenny's World. He doesn't post that often, but when he does, it's always filled with interesting info. I really recommend you follow him.

3.  He has a great voice and humor that you really can see in all his blog posts.

4.  He's a great friend to the writing community. He's always willing to participate in celebrations and giveaways by his author friends.

5.  He gives such great advice, like when I interviewed him a few months ago for my ASK THE EXPERT series here

6.  He's hard working. You can see that from all his blog posts. He must do tons of research for them.

7.  He shouts out about books he likes written by his author friends.

8.  He's into animal rights and the ecology.

9.  He loves swimming like my daughter.

10.  He writes and blogs. He's been doing this for a few years and he's only 13. How amazing is that?

Happy Birthday Lenny! I'm so glad to be your friend. I hope you have a fantastic 13th birthday!   


  1. Great to mention his passion for animal rights and the earth. Two more reasons why Lenny Lee is awesome!

  2. Lenny is awesome! He inspires me all the time :)

  3. hi miss natalie!

    WOWEEE! what flashy and bright post you did for my birthday. WOW! how cool is that. yikes! how could i live up to all that nice stuff you said. for sure you made my birthday sooooo special. thanks! thanks! thanks!
    ...big hugs from lenny

  4. Happy thirteenth birthday, Lenny Lee! I hope you have a super-duper awesome day. You deserve it!!!!

  5. His animal rights and ecology enthusiasm make him even more special! And the Critter cafe is ALWAYS open for business! Beautiful post! HE'S AWESOMELY A TEENAGER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  6. Lenny's truly amazing. Lovely post, Natalie!

  7. I love his enthusiasm for language. Seriously, how many thirteen year olds would research weird stuff about our language? And he's just so nice. Your interview with him was one of my favorite interviews. Thanks for this post!

  8. Lenny is all that and more. Just seeing his sunny smile always brightens my day.

  9. Greetings Natalie,

    Thank you for putting up this celebratory pawsting, sorry, posting about my favourite young human, Lenny and recognition of his birthday.

    Indeed, my new human friend, Lenny is the epitome of the ideals I embrace. His love for us precious, vulnerable creatures is very much appreciated.

    Thank you for this tribute to Lenny. And hey Lenny, I see you and hope you are having a pawesome, sorry, awesome Birthday! :)

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, recently promoted to superstar status! :)

  10. Lenny is an amazing guy. (I almost said kiddo...my bad) We all have learned so much from him. His kind and thoughtful words help so many people. I'm so glad we could put a big smile on his face today.

    Happy Birthday, Lenny!!!!!

  11. Awwwww! Happy birthday to Lenny Lee!! Take care

  12. Happy birthday to our 13 year old! :o) He's so awesome. Thanks for sharing your list, Natalie. Have a great day! Hugs!

  13. what a great day and blog event this was. So happy for Lenny! I hope he had a wonderful birthday~ :o) <3

  14. That's a good list, and it's wonderful to see all the birthday love pouring out to Lenny and helping make his birthday even more special!