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How to Choose a Blog Tour Company by Author Sherry Ellis and Bubba and Squirt’s City of Bones & $50 Amazon Gift Card Blog Tour Giveaway


Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’m excited to participate in Sherry Ellis’ blog tour hosted by The Children’s Book Review to celebrate the release of her MG Bubba and Squirt’s City of Bones. I’m a fan of this series and a blogger friend of Sherry’s and am excited to participate in this blog tour. I have a fantastic sponsored guest post by Sherry to share with you.

Here’s a blurb of Squirt’s City of Bones:

Bubba and Squirt are back for another rousing quest as they travel through the mysterious vortex to Paris, France. It’s another wild adventure as they track down art thieves, encounter terrifying monsters, and discover the whereabouts of their missing father.


Will they make it out alive or join the rest of the skeletons in the City of Bones?


Coming Soon: The fourth book in the series, Bubba and Squirt’s Shield of Athena, will be released on May 7, 2024, and the final book, Bubba and Squirt’s Legend of the Lost Pearl, will be released in September 2024.


 Deciding on a Blog Tour Company by Sherry Ellis

I’ve been writing books for nearly twenty years. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that blog tours coinciding with the release of a book are beneficial in getting the word out and generating sales.

What is a Blog Tour?

It’s when you take your book on a virtual tour hosted on various book blogs across the internet. Book

blogs are ones dedicated to posting articles about books and anything to do with the writing process.

These tours allow a book to gain more exposure to potential readers. Basically, they create an awareness of your book to hundreds of people without you ever having to leave home.

How to Choose  

·       See if the company has done tours for other books in your genre. If so, it may be a good match.

·       Look at the number of followers the host has. It’s a numbers game. More followers=more people who will learn about your book.

·       See if the host has a presence on other social media platforms. These will translate into additional opportunities to share the news about your books.

·       Look at previous tours and see the types of bloggers who participate. See if they’re a good mix of reviewers, interviewers, and article-posters.

·       Consider your budget. Tours can be expensive.  See if the company offers options that fit your budget.

·       Find out if the company has the length of tour you desire. Some are month-long. Others, only a week.

·       When you finally reach out to the company to schedule a tour, see how organized and responsive the contact person is. That’s usually a good indicator of how easy it will be to work with the person and have the tour go smoothly.

I am currently using The Children’s Book Review Virtual Awareness Tour. It’s dedicated exclusively to promoting children’s books.  I have also used MC Book Tours.

Book tours are a fun part of the marketing experience. I highly recommend trying one if you have a book release.



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Sherry Ellis is an award-winning author and professional musician who plays and teaches the violin, viola, and piano. When she is not writing or engaged in musical activities, she can be found doing household chores, hiking, or exploring the world. Ellis has previously published Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China; Bubba and Squirt’s Mayan Adventure; Don’t Feed the Elephant; Ten Zany Birds; That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN; and That Mama is a Grouch. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about her work, she invites you to visit her website at www.sherryellis.org.

Giveaway Details

Enter the giveaway for the chance to win an autographed copy of Bubba and Squirt’s City of Bones and a $50 Amazon gift card!

Bubba and Squirt's City of Bones: Book Giveaway

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You obviously picked a good one - look at all of those entries!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sherry, I'm glad you found a really good tour service.

Thanks for featuring her and the book today, Natalie.

Jacqui said...

Great tips! I did one pro blog tour, didn't follow any of these tips, and it was a waste of money. I do my own, but good grief is it a lot of work!

Greg Pattridge said...

Thanks for your insights on blog tours. I've enjoyed the previous titles in the series so I'm glad to see Bubba and Squirt get a new story.

Kate Larkindale said...

Good to know about this blog tour company. I've tried a few and hey have been a bit hit or miss.

Brenda said...

WoW that is an amazing number of entries, congratulations to Sherry Ellis on the release of her new book.

Sherry Ellis said...

Thank you for being part of the Bubba and Squirt's City of Bones Virtual Awareness Tour! I really appreciate it! The Children's Book Review has certainly been a great company as shown by the number of entries in the raffle. The number of followers on my social media accounts has grown exponentially. This means that a lot of people have been made aware of Bubba and Squirt's City of Bones!

Valinora Troy said...

Sounds like a good series, I must check it out I'll also check out the recommended blog tour as well. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Baldwin said...

I didn't even know that there were companies that created blog tours. Geesh--I'm behind the times. Thanks for the interview. I saved the bookmark.

Liz A. said...

You're definitely getting around.

Angie Quantrell said...

Looks great! Thank you for the book tour suggestions! Congrats on City of Bones. I LOVE books that take place in Paris! Yay!

angelecolline at yahoo dot com

Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a good read.

Paula said...

This was really interesting. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Sandra Cox said...

I think that was a great idea to use a tour dedicated only to children's books.
Wishing you much success.
'Lo, Sherry.

Rosi said...

Thanks for this information. I really didn't know anything about how book tours were done.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Great advice! Trying to put one together is definitely a lot of work. I do pay attention to who my fellow blog friends use in case I decide to go with a company in the future.

Kasey @ The Story Sanctuary said...

Great information. I've run a few book tours in the past, but mainly now I just recommend the companies that I've worked with who I think do a good job. All the points in the article are great tips for someone to consider before booking a tour. Thanks for sharing this!