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Wednesday's Word Count

Alright writers, last Friday we decided it would be beneficial to do a Wednesday Word Count day each week. We'll have to smooth out some details but here is what I'm thinking.

Every Wednesday I'll make a post stating the following:
  • How many words I wrote during the week versus my goal for that week.
  • My new or recurrent goal for the new week.
  • Any extenuating circumstances (read: excuses) I may have to make me feel better if I've done horribly and/or comments I may have.
Since we're all at different phases of writing, feel free to adjust these prompts to suit you if you're doing revisions, outlining, etc. It doesn't matter what you're working on or what your goals are for. The goal is to try to make ourselves accountable to each other but not in a negative way, so don't give yourself more than you can handle!

A couple more things before we begin. This will obviously be considered a short week since we conceived this idea as of last Friday and it was a holiday weekend, which may or may not have effected our writing time. Also, please make any comments and or suggestions on what I've posted here. I'm going to be looking for some different title ideas since Wednesday Word Count is focused more on just word count goals but I know some of us are bound to have other writing-related goals such as revisions, querying, etc. So give me your suggestions!

I think that's everything! Here we go.
  • Words written versus goal: 2828 / 3000
  • Goal for new week: 4000
  • Excuses/comments: I usually don't write on the weekends and did not write at all this holiday weekend. My new goal is for a five-day writing week including today, excluding the weekend, and ending next Tuesday.
Now post yours in the comments if you'd like to participate! If you'd rather post your actual word count so you can keep track of your progress that way, that's fine too!


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Great idea. My goal was zero and my word count was zero. Sorry, I knew I would not write during my husbands one and only vacations this year. My goal is to begin writing by either tomorrow, Friday, or absolutely Monday. And from then on, I am in on your plan...

As far as titles. I like Wednesday's Word Count because regardless if you are doing revisions or queries, we are using words... Maybe shorten it to Wednesday's Words Or Wednesday Roll Call.

Great idea and thanks for the incentive and kick in the butt. Count me in for next Wednesday!

PJ Hoover said...

Sheri - it's great to be realistic about stuff like when you aren't going to write!

I'm revising and in the last week have managed to add 8000 words to a WIP. Yikes! But I believe they do make the story much better.

Stephanie J said...

Words written versus goal: zero thus far.
Goal for new week: Goal is still 3500
Excuses/comments: I didn't write for the holiday weekend either! I intended to but at the back of my mind I knew it wouldn't happen. I'm looking forward to a relaxing couple of days and set up some scheduling stuff for myself so I hope it'll help me crank out some stuff. Oh! And I got wireless so I'll likely be more inclined to write now that I can get comfy on the couch! :)

PJ - whoa 8k! I need some speed lessons from you!

My vote is for Wednesday's Word Count.

Heather Hansen said...

Completed/Goal: 70ish pages/ half the book 100+ pages (However, let me add they were the easiest 70 pgs and I skipped)

Goal for New Week: I’d like to finish by next Thursday. Although, that’s beginning to look like an impossibility, but I want to try.

Excuses/ Comments: I can give you a million excuses because I was very busy. Plus, I’m sick right now. But the bottom line (truthfully) is I’m not very motivated at the moment. I’m not sure what it is. I’m not feeling the mojo and I’m very down on myself. I’m hoping to power through that. Maybe the mojo’s just hiding.

I’ve decided to save these entries on my computer as a way to track my own progress. I’m glad we’re doing this.

Casey Something said...

This is great! Thanks for participating everyone.

Sheri: Happy writing! I'm sure you'll do great.

Pj: It sounds like you're doing awesome! Keep up the awesome revising.

Stephanie: It's hard to get motivated on weekends, especially holiday weekends. Hopefully we can get close or exceed our goals this week! Good luck!

Heather: It doesn't sound like you did too bad. If you get at least a good chunk done this week it will probably be a week or less after that until you're done!

Wednesday's Word Count it is! I'm glad we're doing this too.