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Wednesday's Word Count

Hope you've all had a great week. Here we are with another Wednesday's Words!

Words written / goal: 2163/4000

Goal for new week:

Excuses / comments:
Well, as you can see, I didn't do so hot this week. I'm stuck on a scene (debating moving ahead) and had one of those weeks where I couldn't stand to sit at my computer any longer than necessary.

I'm thinking I'll draw back the word count this week so I don't injure my feelings if I have another unfocused week. Hehe.

How did everyone else do?


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t reach your goal! At least there was something written so it’s a gain, not a loss. This sentence:

    I'm stuck on a scene (debating moving ahead) and had one of those weeks where I couldn't stand to sit at my computer any longer than necessary.

    I totally could have written that. I got stuck on a chapter for FOUR days and I’m still not out of it!

    Words written / goal: got lots done / lots to go…

    Goal for new week: FINISH!

    Excuses / comments: I’m almost there!!! I feel the end and I’m in that excited… push, push, push stage. I think this thing is going to kick butt.

    BTW, what happened to everyone? They disappeared!

  2. Yay! I hope you finish Heather! Thanks for the encouragement. It was definitely one of those weeks. I've been doing a ton around the house though, so it was still a good week for me.

    I'm not sure where everyone went but I did post this kind of late today. Maybe they'll still post sometime this week. Last week didn't get much action though, we'll see!

  3. Well, I'm batting 1,000 here. Actually I'm batting zero, zilch, nada, bubkus!

    Today, I was so lazy and burned-out, I did nothing! I just couldn't think. I couldn't even WANT to think...

    I posted on my blog, read and commented on a bunch of your blogs... Does that count? No. I didnt' think so...

    I even watched TV in the day time! Something I NEVER do. Then I laid down and took a 15 minute power nap. Sure, I felt guilty. Sure, I felt bothered. Sure, I was really upset with myself. But I just couldn't work on my book today. Hopefully, I will make up for it on Friday...

  4. It's still great progress, even if it wasn't your goal! Congrats!
    Still revising here...