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Blog Topics For a Writer's Blog?

Update: See my more recent post HERE where I expand on blog topics for writers.

I had the most awesome morning today. I lounged in bed for two hours with my baby and worked on my outline on paper. We’re talking sans computer – longhand. Wow. That’s rare for me. Meanwhile, my darling toddler, Berlin, played quietly next to me (also lounging) with a single toy (!!) and enjoyed the apples slices and juice that her father provided. She was such an angel. Talk about a writer-mom’s dream morning. And ya know what? I’m going to try it again tomorrow! : p

( - One week postpartum and I'm back at it - yea! -)

Anywho, I’m trying to come up with regular blog topics / posts to keep me blogging regularly. The focus of this blog is my writing journey, but I’ll definitely have some personal family-focused posts as well.

This is what I have so far…

Wednesday’s Words for our weekly goals

Occasional book reviews (per my 2009 resolutions)

A monthly review of my resolutions / larger goals

Other possibilities based on what I’ve seen others do…

Thankful Thursday

Friday Five


Open discussion questions (I suppose I already post questions pretty regularly : p)

I’d like to have an additional writing-related post once a week or so that is either educational or a query of some sort, but that will take some planning and I might not tack that just yet. We'll see. I have a post on character arcs brewing in the brain - so you might see that soon.

Any other ideas or recommendations for me?


  1. I'm just amazed your back at blogging! Fantastic.
    Blog topics? It sounds like you have great ones. I've managed to be pretty consistent with the Friday Five and I plan to do a monthly book review as well.
    Take care!

  2. Wow.. You're one week post and back? Amazing! :) I don't think I knew my name yet. Best of luck with the new baby! Your morning sounded like absolute bliss.

  3. Holy crap! Congratulations! And I LOVE the name Berlin.

    As for blog topics, I would like to talk about the revision process, inspiration, heroes, and banana splits. No, scratch the last one.

    Yay for baby!

  4. Wow--you are dedicated! Congrats, BTW.

    How about the feedback aspect of writing--critiques, groups, how to apply feedback, revision stredegies, ways to stay motivated when things get rough/depressing?

  5. Thanks PJ and Keri!

    Jill: Lol! No banana splits? Alright. Revision process, hm. I suppose I'd actually need to be revising to do that subject justice. I might be able to manage inspiration and heroes though.

    Angela: Those are some good ideas. I'm not involved in any groups as of yet. Critiquing is something I'd like to work on this year though. Maybe I can do a few posts on that and motivation. Thanks!