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Wednesday's Word Count

Our first Wednesday's Words for 2009!

The holidays are over, my baby is here, I'm working on my outline again, and I'm totally jazzed about my goals for the year. How long will that last, I wonder? January is treating me quite nicely so far. Although, I am behind on my book reading goal; I really need to pick a couple from the ones I have or place an order! Half the month is nearly over!

Prior Goal:
Have baby.

Achieved: A-yup.

Goal for new week:
Continue outlining. Nail down plot details surrounding villain.

Excuses / comments:
I'm getting much more into this outline than I ever have with one before and, surprisingly, I'm enjoying myself. The itch to start writing it is getting really bad though, so as soon as I nail down a few more things I'm going to start chapter one and continue outlining as I go. As I've mentioned before (or at least I think I have) most of my ideas come to me while I'm writing so I think this will be a good process for me. It will allow me the freedom to dance around being a strict outliner, which I'm not sure would work to the best of my creativity. I might even try outlining each subsequent chapter after I've finished the previous one (using my master outline as a guide) - I've never done it that way before.

How is January treating everyone else? Please post your week goals. I'd love some company, even if I'm not setting an exact word count just yet.


  1. I’m not setting an exact word count either…

    I’ve been doing a chapter a week. I’d like to up it to two.

    Really, what I need to do, is commit to two nights out of my house (to work, not to play!) a week. I think that would get my butt jumpstarted.

  2. I am so excited for you and proud of you for being so right back in the action. Some people think babies make the world stop. But it only happens if you let it!
    Way to go!

  3. for some reason, when i had my babies i wrote better too. Liks it clears your head.

  4. Yay Heather! Two chapters a week would be awesome. Set up a regular days and make it happen!

    Thanks PJ! I'm pretty excited too. I was worried I would take weeks or months off and lose my steam.

    Shelli: I think the lack of sleep electrifies the imagination. I'm still waiting for my vivid best-seller material dream though (like Stephanie Meyer had - haha.)