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Friday Five

Okay, going to give this "Friday Five" thing a try. What is a Friday Five anyways? Whatever five random bits of information on current life I think might be interesting or care to share?

Let's go with...

1. After a good month or so of outlining, hearing character conversations in my head, and dreaming up first lines (I love me some first paragraph crafting), I've started writing my new novel. I *think* it will end up being upper MG. Outlining shall continue as I go...

2. Except for doctor appointments and walks around the block, I haven't been out of my house in weeks. I'm ready to suck in my baby flab, brave the world, and run some errands. TODAY. Jesse's birthday is on Monday (read: in need of present STAT) and I want some fabric for a sewing project. Hallelujah. I have serious cabin fever going on over here.

3. I'm making a point of ordering a few new books from my TBR list by tomorrow. If you'd like to weigh in and make a recommendation or two, stop by my Amazon wishlist on the side bar and scroll through my ever-growing list to see all the gems I haven't read yet.

4. After two years of begging and pleading and living in a house with dust bowls for a front and backyard, Jesse is installing SPRINKLERS tomorrow (it kept getting put off for other remodeling projects.) This alone will make 2009 a great year. Sod and landscaping are supposed to follow soon. Thank goodness - my daughter really needs some readily accessible grass to run and play on.

5. I've pretty much re-read THE FIRST FIVE PAGES and PLOT AND STRUCTURE in the last week (random chapters at a time) in conjunction with outlining. It's been really helpful. I just stopped by PJ Hoover's blog and was reminded that I also have SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS buried around here somewhere. I think I'll make a point of locating that and perusing its chapters again as well.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'll put in my vote for How not to be Popular. So get out of the house and go buy it.
    And yes, re-read Self-editing. It's humbling (to say the least). Ack!
    have a great weekend!

  2. It doesn't look like I'm going to get out of the house today (I did on Friday though!) but I plan on book shopping Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully they will have How Not to be Popular. The availability of good YA in my town is awful.

    Thanks for your weigh-in!