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So Tell Me: Who Got Your Querginity?

If you don't mind saying, who was the first agent (or editor) you ever queried?  Why?


  1. Er....I THINK it was Elizabeth Pomada of the Larsen-Pomada literary agency. I was VERY green--it was a first draft, way over-long, and little better than a CS Lewis, Tolkein rip-off. Form rejection.

  2. The one and only Jodi Reamer of Writers House. I queried her last April, had a mind blowingly great phone conversation with her, and then, a screeching halt.

    A few emails back and forth and then, nothing. Nothing but me touching base with her every two or three months this past year, all leading to more nothing. Still no rejection yet though.

  3. We're two peas, Beth.

    I never queried mine, but my first novel was a 152k Tolkeinesque fantasy beast as well. It was your typical "chosen one" quest that began 50k too early and was full of cliches.


    I've come a LONG way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. K.M.!

    What an awesome story.

    Jodi Reamer. Writers House. Your first query!

    Unfortunate how it turned out. I hate when agents show positive interest and then disappear. But, I imagine it's fairly encouraging looking back now.

  5. I was doing picture books many moons ago (still dabble but not querying until my SciFi is completed).

    My very first query if memory serves me correctly was Ethan Ellenburg Literary Agency.

    Last year my first for PB's (I had a year or two in between querying) was Laura Rennert of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

    But alas, I have queried dozens by now and apparently PB's are a hard publishing nut to crack. ;)

  6. No idea! I've erased all querying on THE EMERALD TABLET from my memories.
    But I always start off big.

  7. I queried Caryn Wiseman at Andrea Brown. I just knew she was the agent for me and my query was awful. And the opening of my novel was awful. *sigh* Live and learn...

  8. I can't remember who it was. I think I mailed like ten off at once though.

  9. I'm considering Laura Rennert for mine, Purple Clover. She seems like a great match, and a great agent.

    I plant to start off big too, PJ. The biggest, best matches anyway. Thanks for sharing!

    The key is that you've learned, Sherrie! I'm sure you've come a long way. By the way, we live fairly close to one another!

  10. Ten at one time. That makes for a fabulous "querginity" story.

    : )

    I love that you write women's fiction, Travis.