Upcoming Agent Spotlight Interviews & Guest Posts

  • Rebecca Williamson Agent Spotlight Interview and Query Critique Giveaway on 7/8/2024
  • Sheila Fernley Agent Spotlight Interview, Critique Giveaway, and One-Hour Zoom Call on 7/29/2024
  • Erica McGrath Agent Spotlight Interview and Query Critique Giveaway on 8/12/2024

Agent Spotlight & Agent Spotlight Updates

  • Agent Spotlights & Interviews have been updated through the letter "K" as of 3/28/2024 and many have been reviewed by the agents. Look for more information as I find the time to update more agent spotlights.

Stop By Monday & Some Updates

This coming Monday I have a special treat for you.  It might just happen to be an interview with one of our spotlighted agents, so you might want to stop by to check it out!


Now, here's a list of things that have been updated.

Links:  I've been using Google Reader for awhile now (highly recommended), so I decided to replace the blog rolls I had for simple link lists.  You will now find lists of Writerly Friends, Bloggy Agents, Bloggy Editors, and Resources.  If you're an agent, editor, or someone with a helpful blog and would like to be added, pop into the comments.  If you're a writer who has been commenting on my blog regularly or I comment on your blog regularly, same.  I know I'm missing people!  Also, if you're already on one of the lists or are wanting to be added, let me know if you'd like to be listed by your name or your blog name.

Sidebars:  I moved a few things around, deleted a couple extraneous things, and added more fabulous links to the resource list. 

About:  I finally linked the "About" tab to a post about me, rather than just my Blogger profile.  If you have any questions about me or a suggestion of something I should add, let me know here or there.

Agent Spotlight:  I've been working through the spotlights, updating information, deleting old conference dates, rearranging how they are laid out.  The main thing I've done, that might interest you, is I've added recent sales information on each agent from Publisher's Marketplace as available.

That's all for now.  Don't forget to come back Monday!


PJ Hoover said...

Nice idea on linking the ABOUT ME button. i may have to copy you on that!

Mame said...

Organized is good! It lets us newbies troll better.

Casey Something said...

You should PJ!

Aimee, thanks for commenting! I hope the sidebars are organized enough. I know they're a bit cluttered.

If anyone has any suggestions, requests, or complaints about the blog, feel free to lay em' down.

Leigh Russell said...

This all sounds very organised. I feel an insane desire to genuflect before you!
I called by to thank you for expressing an interest in my book, on the Writers' Chronicle. Cut Short is the first in a new series of British crime thrillers. You can find out more on my blog leighrussell.blogspot.com or on my publisher's website www.noexit.co.uk where you can also find a schedule of my book signings and author events.
I hope you will consider trying Cut Short and that you'll enjoy reading it!

Anne R. Allen said...

What a great blog! I'm kind of in awe. I just found you through your comment in my intro thread at Writers Chronicle. I hope you have time to stop by my new writing/publishing advice blog http://annerallen.blogspot.com/

I'm posting weekly with updated versions of my columns from the archives at INkwell Newswatch--one of the top 101 Writer's Digest sites from 2002-2008.

This week "Editors Talk About Slush."

What a nice community you have here. I'll stop by often.

Sherrie Petersen said...

How awesome that you added recent sales! Have I mentioned before that you totally rock?!

Casey Something said...

Thanks for coming by Leigh, Anne, and Sherrie! Thanks so much.

Leigh, I've been highly amused by the genuflect comment since you posted. That has to be the best blog praise I've had yet.

Ha! I'll definitely check out your blog.

And Anne, it sounds like you're putting a great blog together!