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'Til Death Do Us Part

I found a dress I like!  And it isn't black (though I found an awesome black one too).  I'm going to try to find a picture of it later today.  Let me tell you though, my dad's going to be thrilled.  Here's a recent conversation we had while my brother was visiting. 


Dad:  You can't wear a black dress to your wedding.

Me:  Why not?

Dad:  Black is a funeral color.

Me:  But it's okay if the groom wears black?

Dad: ....

*Several minutes go by*

Dad:  You can't wear a black dress.  It's just wrong. 

Me:  That's very traditional of you.

Dad: ....

Me (sly look):  At least we nixed the plan to get married in the cemetery.

Dad: There was a plan to get married in a cemetery?

Me:  Yeah.  We were going to pre-order our plots and get married on them.  Go with the whole 'Til death do us part' theme. 

Dad: *stares*

Me:  What?  It's beautiful, symbolic. 

Brother (looks over from TV):  You're twisted, Sis.

Me:  A black dress doesn't seem so bad now, does it?


  1. Ha! That's classic. I think you should try to work that conversation into a story somehow :-)

  2. I bet you are awesome at dialogue writing! (Ah, the old reverse psychology daughter/dad gambit......well played. Well played.)


  3. Brilliant! Anna is right- definitely have to work that into a story!

  4. Ha! My husband's mother wore a black dress to her wedding, and that was a long time ago. I had trouble convincing my dad that wearing a knee-length cream colored dress was okay, but I didn't think to try your reverse psychology. Can't wait to see the picture of the dress.

  5. VERY funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. LOL!! That's hilarious! :) I would have loved to see the look on his face. :)

    Congrats on finding your dress! Hope we get to see pictures. :)

  7. I'm with Anna--that HAS to go in a scene ;).


    ZOMG, that is GREAT!!!!!!

  9. That is freaking hilarious! I just love the story! Cemetery :) Perfect.

  10. I think you should wear whatever color you like. My dress was green, we got married on St.Patrick's Day.

    Yes,yes you have to work that into a story. So comical.

  11. To Casey's Dad:

    The majority of the world considers WHITE to be the color for mourning... Us Americans are a bit backward.

  12. This is soooo funny! I laughed.
    Heather- yes, living overseas I've noticed how many things americans do that is the opposite of the rest of the world (like driving on the other side of the road or not speaking with a British accent).

    So it would be funny, if americans started doing the opposite of americans and end up being quite traditional in the end.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ha! Thanks for all the great comments everyone

    If I ever write something with a character that's getting married, I'll definitely put something like this in. : )

    Heather, that's fascinating! I'll have to tell him that.

    Though, I beleive my dad's girlfriend says they can't wear black at all for traditional Thai weddings. She's been asking me a lot of questions about American wedding traditions and I'm like... I'm not really the person to ask! LOL.

    I'll have to ask her what their traditional mourning colors are now!

  15. Too funny! My dad's reaction would have been exactly the same! I agree with the others, this has to go into one of your manuscripts! The best dialogue is real dialogue, and I can picture this conversation in many a household!! My dad would rethink it later on and then just be happy I was getting married in general, especially after that conversation! Ha, ha!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  16. Same here, Hilary. My dad's really happy I'm finally getting married, but that doesn't stop him from giving me flack about our weirdness. Ha!

    Hi Beckie!

  17. Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. It's a riot. Definitely great dialogue.

    Wonderful idea to give Dad even worse case scenarios so the black dress doesn't sound so bad.

    Where did you get your sick sense of humor? Doesn't sound like it was from your Dad - but hopefully he can appreciate it!

    Congrats on finding the dress. Can't wait to get a look!

    Hey, didn't I read somewhere that in past centuries in France (or somewhere) that white was the color or mourning and black was celebration? Some strange trivia in my head but I can't say for sure if I have it right.

  18. I think I actually do get my sense of humor from my dad, Alyssa. We just apply it to different topics. : )

    Heather mentioned (above) that white is the color for mourning for the majority of the world. So yes! Great bit of trivia.

  19. Okay, that is just TOO funny! Your poor father =) Sounds like you're going to have a fun wedding!

  20. *laughs* I love it. I'd so borrow that idea when/if I get married, if my parents didn't already know I want to be cremated. I agree that it needs to end up in a story somewhere.

    It sounds like when I mention to my mom that I don't like wearing white. (The entire "white for weddings" thing started from women emulating Queen Victoria, and I understand that white was the royal color of mourning when she wore it.) My mother, ever the traditionalist, insists that not wearing white will be telling everyone that I'm not a virgin. I'm thinking, ...Not if I put a note of explanation in the program, but I figure we can have that fight once I actually have a fiancé.

  21. I don't like wearing white-white either, Carradee. I look awful in it! That's why I wanted to wear a black dress. It's my best color. But I found a lovely dress in ivory, and I'm very happy with the color on me.

    I hope the fight over your dress goes well with your mom! I think my family has all been placated by my choice. I'll let you know! : )