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Wednesday's Word Count

Wow! I loved all of the commiseration and fabulous responses in yesterday's post. It was fascinating to see who has annual trouble months and/or what affects your creativity. And of course, reading that so many of you go through writing funks is heartening all on its own.

Prior Goal: 5k (hey, I was optimistic).

Accomplished: Namuch.

Goal for new week: 2k.

Excuses / comments: Collectively, the popular suggestion yesterday was to start something new. I can dig it. Maybe that's what I need to get the creative juices flowing again, and then I can plink away at the rewrite as well. I know several of you have suggested having two projects going on at the same time, so I suppose it's time I see if that will work for me as well.

I'm going to write that 2k (at least) by next Wednesday. That's my promise to you and me. Who else wants to set a goal and be accountable for it? Leave em' in the comments!


  1. It's been a bit slower this week, but still consistent. I'm in for a challenge :)

  2. Maybe we should also start a hump list-- on hump day-- on what things work to get over that writer's hump...

    Anyway, my goals include balancing out the character development between my two main characters. I chopped my ms up into pieces, and printed it out (My novel alternates between the two characters until they meet)and discovered (what I already knew) that I have more going on with one of my characters.

    Now I have to advance both of them equally, until they meet. That's where I've decided I want to get my revision to, that magical point where their stories converge.

    I've been calling this revision, but it's really a big mess right now. But, I'm happy, since I'm going in the right direction, and since it feels do-able.

  3. I'm smack in the middle of a new WIP, page 148 to be exact. I'll set a goal of 15,000 words by next Tuesday, the 25th.

    I'm a mad woman.

  4. I'm in! I need to write (or want to write) tons before the kids get back in school and life gets hairy. September is always that way for me so any accountability is good!

  5. My goal for this next week will be 14k words written, hands down. I'm at approximately 42k now and I need to hit 70k+ by September 8th, so it seems necessary to hit as many words as possible. :)

    You're making fair progress! Keep in mind that it has to be finished at some point, and that there really is no hurry, despite the hurry we choose to create.

    Keep it at! Hope you're having a great week.

  6. Got any challenge ideas, PJ?

    Heather, the hump list is a fun idea! I could mix that in with the usual Wednesday update.

    Sounds like you have a good goal in mind. I have to keep two story lines fairly equal in my novel as well!

    That's a GREAT goal, K.M. More power to you! You can do it.

    Sounds good T. Anne. What are you going to commit to?

    *thinks of punishments*

    "...the hurry we choose to create." Love that, Weronika. So true. Another rockin' goal, too. Can't wait to see what you come out with next week!

  7. goals: 7 pages on middle grade WIP
    7 pages on YA
    1 more draft of 2 picture books (the idea has not yet developed correctly)

    (I have no idea how many words that is.....?)


  8. Great goals, Shelley! You don't need to post an actual word count. I should probably title these posts "Work In Progress Wednesday" like most everyone else does. Since we're all in various stages of goals, that would be more accurate.

    Hope you get all your pages and PB drafts done!

  9. I'm smack in the middle of revisionland, so it's a little different for me. Plus, we're getting ready to go on vacation next week. But I can shoot for revising at least one chapter by next wednesday. That's a goal I can reach. :)

    And I agree that starting something new will help you. It helped me, twice. :)

  10. I have three chapters left to finish my YA novel, so that's my goal.

  11. It is harder to lay goals down with revisions, Tabitha, but a chapter sounds great!

    How exciting, Tara! I'm sure having the end so near will push you to hit your goal. I'll be looking forward to your "I'm finished with my draft" news next week.

    : )