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Agent News - Myrsini Stephanides, Erica Silverman, and Adam Korn

Announced via Publisher's Lunch yesterday, 09/10.

"Myrsini Stephanides joins the Carol Mann Agency, focusing on pop culture, music, humor, popular science, narrative nonfiction, and memoir, as well as offbeat literary, graphic, and YA fiction. She has spent ten years as a nonfiction editor and book packager of illustrated books."

The following were also announced, but I am yet unsure what they'll be representing.

"Erica Silverman, formerly a Senior VP at William Morris and ICM, has joined Trident Media Group as a literary agent.

"Adam Korn has joined DeFiore and Company as an agent after a short stint at Vigliano Associates. He had been an editor at Harper, Crown and Random House."

There was one other but the agency doesn't rep children's or YA.  I'll update this post as more information becomes available. 


  1. Thanks for the informative post. I love hearing about new or reorganized agents. I write such a niche it's hard for me to venture anywhere but a Christian lit agent and there are not that many!

  2. Nice post! It's always nice to know who's switching sides!

  3. Casey=the coolest! I would never find out ANYTHING without you!


  4. My sister loves your blog because you always have such great info on the publishing world. I'm going to tell her to check out this post. You do a great job keeping up on the literary world!

  5. Thanks for the update. I too key in on children's agents.

  6. Yay for more YA agents! Adding her to my list. Thanks Casey.

  7. Thanks Casey. I'm so grateful to find out about YA agents. Your blog is very helpful to aspiring writers. Writing the book is hard enough and then working through that publishing jungle is another whole ballgame. It's great when someone like you lends a helping hand!

  8. This looks like a great place to find out about all kinds of stuff. Especially agents. Thanks for filling us in.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    T. Anne, I'll keep my eye out for you!

    Glad you find the blog helpful, Alyssa! Reviewing books is similar in a sense. You help people make better book choices!

    Thanks Lotusgirl! I'm glad you found me. Hope I'll be seeing you around more often!