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Agent Spotlight Updates

All agent spotlights and interviews have been updated as of 7/15/2020, and many have been reviewed by the agents. Look for them to be fully updated again in 2023.

Agent Spotlight: Joe Monti

Profile removed 11/2013.

Mr. Monti is now editor of Simon & Shuster's new science fiction and fantasy imprint.  He is no longer a literary agent. Do not query.


  1. What a helpful blog you've created! I'm a Follower!

    Janet Reid listed your blog as a must-read.

  2. Good profile, Casey! Thanks so much for all your research!

  3. I'll be at the One-on-One, so I'll hopefully be able to meet him! Thanks!

  4. Casey-- kudos for the attention from Janet-- I think that means that you've ARRIVED!

  5. Dude, congrats on the Janet Reid shout-out!!



  6. this helps alot of people looking for an agent

  7. Very cool to get mentioned by Janet Reid, but we knew you back when...:)

  8. Thanks for such a helpful spotlight. I always look forward to Thursdays because of them.

  9. Hey, Casey, congrats on the Janet Reid mention!

  10. Thanks everyone~! I'm really happy you like what I've done with the place. ; )

    Donna, have fun at the conference! I hope you get to meet Mr. Monti. He seems like a fun guy.

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