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I'm Back, YA News, and Question Box Revival

I'm back! And I have to say, it feels good knowing things should be back to normal this week. I'm looking forward to getting caught up and reading all the replies you left in various posts while I was gone, especially the blog party post.

First up, Happy Release Day to PJ Hoover whose second book, THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD, comes out today! If you haven't read book one, THE EMERALD TABLET, in PJ's THE FORGOTTEN WORLDS trilogy, you're missing out! And while you're busy reading book one or book two, you can look forward to my interview with PJ, which should go up in the next couple weeks.

Next, some agent news that came out while I was away...

Elaine English Literary Agency is now accepting young adult lit. You can read about the wide range of genres they're now accepting YA submissions for and some of Naomi's and Elaine's preferences on the agency blog.

ETA: Sara Crowe is back from her maternity leave and put up a call for submissions on the Crowe's Nest. In her post, she also talks about some of her YA authors and why she took them on.

In other YA news, Sourcebooks has added a new teen imprint called Sourcebooks Fire and will publish seven titles in its debut season. You can read all about it on Publisher's Weekly.

Any other news I missed while I was gone?

Finally I'd like to revive The Question Box and invite everyone to leave me some questions, if you have them. I think a healthy batch of questions would give us some great discussion material and it would let me know what kinds of posts you'd like to see here on Lit Rambles!

Try to have a great Monday!


Joshua McCune said...

Good to have you back :)

Lizzy Mason said...

Welcome back, Casey!

Casey Something said...

Thanks BoA and Lizzy!

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks, Casey, for the release day love! Welcome back!

storyqueen said...

Missed you! Good to have you back, you old married lady!


Unknown said...

Welcome back! :)

kathrynjankowski said...

Glad you're back. ;-)

jmartinlibrary said...

Rock on! Your blog has sailed to the top of my must read list.

Thanks for taking the time to put this info out there for us.

Naomi said...

Thanks for spreading the word about our YA call, Casey. Welcome back!

K. M. Walton said...

Welcome back! Thank you for taking your time to gather all of that fantastic information.

Buffy Andrews said...

Great post Casey. Thanks for all of the helpful tips. Glad you're back.

Casey Something said...

Thanks PJ, Shelley, Beth, Kathryn, jmartin, KM, and Buffy! It's good to be back.

You're welcome, Naomi, and thank you. We're always excited when an agency wants to start building a YA list!

Best wishes to you and the agency!