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Wednesday Nada

No word count today. I haven't been writing (sigh) but I am trying to gear up for NaNoWriMo. Things aren't looking particularly good though... I'm still not fired up about any of my ideas, there's a cold making the rounds in my house, I haven't slept much in the last three nights (Dresden's been miserable, keeping me up), and there are a lot of other little things going on.

But, I'm trying to remain optimistic. I just read through my NaNo 2008 posts and I'm feeling quite a bit more excited now. I hung in there even when it got tough and managed to stay positive. I've just got to do that again.


The word meter (right sidebar) and the icon are both from Language is a Virus. Last year, I found it much easier to update that meter than the official NaNo one (especially in the beginning when the site was running slow), so I'm defaulting to that one again. You might consider grabbing your own, and some of the cute icons, too!

Do you have a word count update you want to post? If you're participating in NaNo, are your ready? Don't let me be a downer, guys, please share your progress and goals with me. It's always inspiring! And yes, I promise there'll be a real Wednesday update next week with word stats -- NaNo style!


Connie Keller said...

I'm in the middle of editing. Today I decided to work on Chapter One--whenever I edit it's my least favorite chapter to work on. 250 words bit the dust, but the chapter's much better.

kah said...

Dont worry, it will get better. We all get in funks. My writing gal posse have declared November is going to be funk free. So get ready! October is almost over. :)

Kristi Faith said...

aww Casey, I'm with you today. Nada, I didn't write a single word. Oh-I'm lying-I wrote a sentence and deleted it. Perhaps its just one of those days in the cosmos. *Sigh*

I'll be doing Nano and updating too, thanks for the link, been wondering where to find one of those...

Unknown said...

I'm attempting NaNo for the first time this year. I'm going in with a "we'll see" attitude...probably not the passion I'm going to need to power through. But I like my novel idea.

And thanks for the NaNo counter link!

Buffy Andrews said...

Hey fellow writers, I would like to share an incredible video with you that I hope will give you the strength to persevere. It's the kind of video that I’m betting after you watch it will make you feel like you can achieve anything. So, when you get stuck in your writing or just need a little pick-me-up, watch this video. It really is inspiring. I shared it with Casey a couple weeks ago, but I think all of you would enjoy it, too.

Jade said...

It's going to be awesome, I can't wait!

I haven't written much for a few weeks because I've been revising, so I'm keen to get back in there.

Also, I'm very excited about my shiny idea. I only hope I can maintain the enthusiasm!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

So I got brave and signed up for NaNoWriMo. Newbie and all. My username is "sleuthwood" if anyone wants to buddy.

kathrynjankowski said...

No NaNo for me, but I'll be checking in to cheer you on.
Try to get some rest.
(Do they make kiddie NyQuil?)
And remember it's almost a full moon, so we're all a little crazed right now. ;-)

Lisa Nowak said...

I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. This year has been way too crazy, and I have no intentions of putting myself through more of that now that it's finally slowing down. But I have just completed the outline for my next novel. My official first draft "begin" date is after Thanksgiving, because that's when the landscaping season slows down, but if I can tidy up all the loose ends in my life before then, I'll probably get started.

Good luck to you, Casey. I feel certain you'll find the inspiration you're looking for. :)


I am still on the fence but, getting jitter bug flutters of excitement all the same.

November is seeming to look both dark and lovely. Do I even dare?

I have never done anything like this "NaNoWriMo" ever before.

I know nothing of word count, or any kind of commitment on this scale.

How will I know if I am ready?



I am not dumb.
I am not numb.
I am not dumb.
I am not numb.

Cat said...

I'm just finishing the final edit of a novel I wrote. Also, I prepared my NaNo novel to the point where I can get started any minute. I'm looking forward to it but I will not write words just for words sake. My goal is a "good" first draft with as many words as I can manage during November. My NaNo-name is Cat-Gerlach - new buddies are always welcome.

Scott said...

Welcome to my world. This has been one of the most unproductive weeks . . . EVER! I just don't have the energy. The couch and the dogs seem to call my name, and once I lay down . . . well, no writing tonight! I'm hoping to change that pattern today.


Rebecca said...

Casey- I'm already amazed at all the writing you get done with 2 little ones to raise. I am in awe of you. Being able to make it through NaNo will make you a writing deity in my mind. My personal life is bordering on insane right now, but I'm pumped to do NaNo for the first time because I know it's only going to help me be a better writer. And thank you to you for your blog, it also helps me to be a better writer!

Emily J. Griffin said...

You can do it. No time for thinking, just tuck in and go!

Heather Kelly said...

Casey--You can do this.

And, I have to share, my (almost) 4-year old is dancing around the living room to a song called "Squirrels in My Pants." And she does appear to have crazy squirrels in her pants.

I haven't written anything this week either. I'm letting everything simmer, some things on the front burner, some things on the back.

I have faith that inspiration will strike, and you'll be clicking away on those keys come Saturday night/Sunday morning. Good luck!

Casey Something said...

Hi Connie - I hope the editing continues to go well. Yay for stronger chapters!

I'm ready, Amanda!

Here's hoping today is better for us both, Kristi! Can't wait to see how you do on NaNo!

Hi Karen, I'm sure you'll do great. 50k or no, as long as you take something positive from the experience, you're a winner in my eyes!

Thanks for posting the link, Buffy! I'm sure others have enjoyed the inspiration.

Glad you have an exciting, shiny new idea, Jade. Those are the best for NaNo!

Yay Tricia! I added you.

Thanks so much Kathryn. I did manage to get more sleep last night.

Hi Lisa! How have you been? I'm glad you get to switch gears soon and get back to your writing.

Just go for it, Teri, if you've got the passion! You have nothing to lose but some time and sanity. You can learn a lot about yourself just by participating. No need to win. And, of course you're not dumb!

Hi Cat! I added you. I love your goal. My NaNo novel was such a disaster last year. Maybe I'll try for a decent first draft as well.

Hope you managed to get some writing done, Scott! I'm so glad I'm not alone. It's been so hard to work up the energy for it lately.

Thanks Rebecca, you're so sweet! I'm glad you're pumped for NaNo. You're gonna need it!

Thanks Emily! I'm gonna try!

LOL - Heather! Don't you just love having kids? They're so fabulous.

And YES! I can do this.

Thanks everyone!

(My word veri is SPLARC - oh my, love it!)

Casey Something said...

Well, I thought I added you Cat, but now I can't find you. Can you add me so I can add you back?

PJ Hoover said...

No word count, but I've been enjoying revising which is always nice!

J.Tuttle said...

I'm jumping into NaNoWriMo for the first time this year and I am excited. But it helps for others to be doing it too, I think. Anybody can buddy me if they like. I'm JTuttle.
Ready, Steady, Go!

J.Tuttle said...

I know this is kind of an odd question, but I've been trying to get the NaNoWrimo icon (from Language as a Virus) into my blog and I can't figure out how to do it. Can you give me a hint about how to do it? I feel like a git, but I'd love a icon of my own!

Casey Something said...

J. Tuttle - If you want one of the graphics that moves or blinks or whichever, you'll have to upload it to photobucket (that's what I did) but if it's just an image, you can right click and save it to your computer like normal.

Hope that helps. Let me know if need more assistance!

J.Tuttle said...

Thanks Casey, I'll give it a try.

J.Tuttle said...

Yay! I finally figured it out and I put the word count up on my blog as well! ThankYou! Good Luck Tomorrow and Happy Halloween!