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Agent Spotlight: Cari Foulk

07/21/2011 – Profile Removed.

Tribe Literary Agency has closed its doors.  Read the agency thread on AbsoluteWrite for details



  1. Cari Foulk sounds like the type of agent I'm seeking for representation. As soon as I redo my query, I'll send it to her.

  2. Thanks, Casey--I love your Spotlights! :)

  3. Great spotlight as always. You provide such a great service, talling us about brand new agents and agencies like this one!

  4. I love your spotlights. Such a useful tool for writers.

  5. Great spotlight. I haven't heard of this agent or her agency. Thanks.

  6. Thanks, Casey. Great info as usual. Where do you find the time to do this?

  7. Great interview. I really enjoy working with Cari. She's hands on, encouraging, and really invested in her clients. A great leader for our Tribe! :-)

  8. Thank you for introducing me to Cari via your post, Casey. As always, super job. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the terrific work. Have a great weekend and enjoy your family, Buffy

  9. Thank you for all the comments, everyone. You offer such fantastic support.

    Ms. Foulk has reviewed her profile.

  10. Hi Casey,

    It looks like she's sold at least one book now. I found this on the Tribe Lit website: http://tribelit.com/archives/435
    So you may want to update her profile to reflect this. :)


  11. It seems Tribe Lit has now closed, with no word from Kari. But some of the authors have blogged about it.

    So perhaps Ms. Foulk's profile should be updated? I'm not sure she's working as an agent right now.

  12. Thanks Anon. I'll look into it and update!