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Tip Tuesday #54

I meant to post this earlier in the day, but it got away from me (the day that is).  My tip is to enter my giveaway and all the awesome giveaways at WriteOnCon, but I also have a fun, quick tip from Katharina (Cat) Gerlach.  Here it is!

I follow quite a lot of blogs and I love commenting. For a while I was very annoyed that word verification was necessary every time but then I figured out that the sometimes hilarious nonsense-words make great names for stuff in my Fantasy and SciFi novels. I named plants, animals and even characters with them, sometimes changing the word a bit to make it easier to pronounce. I have a volyp (an oceanic being with five tentacles), a pinti (1/2 a pint or 1/4 l), a porsork (a meat animal the size of a dog with green hair, four legs that makes noises like a pig), a character named Shetri and many other fun elements. 

Love this, Cat!  I've definitely seen and typed some great ones while out commenting on posts.  I should start writing them down.  I particularly love porsork from your list of names!


  1. LOL! I never thought of this, but it is SUCH a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  2. What a great idea! I usually curse word verification, but now I will look at it in a whole new light! Thanks!

  3. Have you seen this before? Some of these had me rolling with laughter.

  4. Great tip. It is amazing where you can get ideas if you look.

  5. LOL!! Way to use it for good ;o) Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Well, there's a way to make lemonade out of lemons. :)

  7. Such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Had a weird one just today but I can't think of it now. I'll have to start paying better attention!

  9. I write them in a little notebook, and when I need a name, I'll flip through it.

  10. wow thats a neat idea! might have to start paying attention to it now.

  11. ha! Wished I wrote a genre that was more conducive to this! :)

  12. This is great! Those things drive me crazy, so it's nice to find a purpose!

  13. What a wonderful idea! Loved it!