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Agent Spotlight: Louise Fury

This week's Agent Spotlight features Louise Fury of The Fury Agency.
Status: Closed to submissions 
LouiseFury About: "A native South African, I now live in New York City and travel to Cape Town every year, where I spend time educating South African writers, meeting with international publishers and distributing books. Before agenting, I worked in marketing and advertising for both the consumer markets and publishing. Prior to joining The Bent Agency, I worked as a literary agent at the L. Perkins Agency. I represent numerous New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors. I encourage my authors to have one foot in traditional print publishing and the other in the digital-first arena and am a huge advocate of utilizing secondary rights—I have sold film/TV, audio and foreign rights for my clients. I believe in staying ahead of the pack by embracing change, not just adapting to it." (From The Bent Agency website)
About the Agency: 
"The Fury Agency represents multiple authors whose books have hit the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Der Spiegel bestseller lists.

We work with each author to build the publishing career of their dreams and to expand their reach across platforms, formats and territories. Whether the goal is a traditional book deal, exploring subrights for a self-published title/s or mapping out a multi-platform approach for their business, our focus is on the needs of the author and monetizing multiple streams of revenue to expand the reach of each project and to build the author brand." (Link)
Also see the agency website.
Web Presence:
The Fury Agency.
Publishers Marketplace.
What She's Looking For:
"I’m looking for writers with a unique voice and an unforgettable and interesting story. I love experimental/unique structure, language, verse and formats.
"For YA and middle-grade, I’d love modern retellings, STEM stories, heartfelt and/or funny contemporary novels and all types of middle-grade fantasy. Always looking for books with well-developed secondary characters.
"For nonfiction I’m particularly interested in pop science, self-help, cookbooks, true crime, humor, pop culture, and sports. In romance, I love female heroines with unusual jobs or jobs usually reserved for the hero. I’d love it to be a layered, light, and fun contemporary novel or a fresh and modern historical that reads like a romantic comedy. I love the fish-out-of-water trope, stories about nannies, body positivity, strong writing, and diverse voices." (From the agency website)
For the most current info on what Ms. Fury is looking for always check the agency website.
What She Isn't Looking For:
"Don’t give up. Read, write, edit and submit. If given the opportunity, revise and resubmit. Be open to learning how to develop and refine your craft, but most importantly don’t forget that even the bestselling authors were once unpublished writers looking for their big break. I am in awe of anyone who completes a manuscript. It is a difficult job to do and if you have managed to string up to 100,000 words on a page and they make some semblance of sense, I am already impressed." (Link)
Editorial Agent?
“I used to be very hands on with editing, but now it really is on a case by case basis. I try to be very aware that I am not a writer and don’t want to impose my voice into a manuscript, so line editing isn’t something I do very often. I trust the author to find the way to fix or rework something because an author's voice is where the magic is. So I still edit, but not as much as I did in the beginning of my career. I focus mostly on big-picture edits, common editorial mistakes and plot and character development.” (Email from Louise)
There is a list of agency clients on the agency website. 
Query Methods: Unknown
Submission Guidelines (always verify):
NOTE: Ms. Fury is currently CLOSED to submissions.
Please see the agency website for complete, up-to-date submission guidelines.
Response Times:
The agency has a stated response time (or goal, rather) of responding to queries within a month. If you do not receive a response within the time posted send your query and indicate you are resending. 
What's the Buzz?
Her clients seem happy with her representation. 
Worth Your Time:
Agent Louise Fury – L. Perkins Agency at Writing and Illustrating (04/2013).
Welcome Wednesday: Agent Louise Fury of the L. Perkins Agency at Honestly YA (04/2012).
On Agents – A Discussion with Louise Fury at Nerine Dorman’s site (11/2011).
Please see the agency website for additional contact and query information.
Profile Details:
Last updated: 1/30/2023
Agent Contacted for Review? Yes
Last Reviewed By Agent? 2/8/2023.
Have any experience with this agent? See something that needs updating? Please leave a comment or e-mail me at natalieiaguirre7(at)gmail(dot)com

Note: These agent profiles presently focus on agents who accept children's and/or teen fiction. They are not interviews. Please take the time to verify anything you might use here before querying an agent. The information found herein is subject to change.


Kelly Polark said...

Thanks, Casey, for another amazingly thorough lowdown on another agent!!

Beth said...

Great spotlight, Casey. Thank you!

Unknown said...

A note about the conflict advisory:

The advisory is because Ms. Perkins, the head of the agency, is also an editor at a small erotica/romance publisher. As Ms. Fury specifically doesn't do erotica, I can't see this being much of an issue, especially if you aren't writing genre romance.

Casey McCormick said...

Thanks Kelly and Beth!

Thank you for the note, S. Kyle. I've changed a bit of my wording. It does not appear that the issue involves Ms. Fury, no. I think she is perfectly respectable. Though, I do consider it to be an issue of ethics (at the agency level) that people should at least be aware of.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for another great spotlight.

Chris Phillips said...

These are great. thanks.

Dana said...

Thanks again, she goes on my list for my next story!

middle grade ninja said...

Another great spotlight. Thanks! I wonder if she'd be up for 7 Questions... hmmm...

Casey McCormick said...

Thanks everyone!

She might, Rob. She seems very nice!

Ms. Fury has reviewed her profile. I've edited the "editorial" section.

Amie Kaufman said...

Thanks for the profile, I'm going to look into her further!

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

As always, very thorough spotlight, Casey! Nicely done.

erica and christy said...

I received one of the best rejections ever from her. She complimented my first line and idea, line edited my first page, and told me exactly where she stopped reading and why.

My WIP is a fun, imaginative MG (runs away to finish it).

Sara Flower said...

Thanks for posting, Casey. :) I will be contacting her for sure when the time is right.

Thermocline said...

Here is another agency I've never heard of before your Spotlight. Thanks, Casey!

Anonymous said...

Casey: Judging by their website, Louise is again open to submissions and she's changed what she's looking for.

Casey McCormick said...

Thanks Anon. I updated her profile.

Stacey Trombley said...

From the website- "Louise Fury - CLOSED to Unsolicited Queries"
She says she prefers to find clients through conferences, but she also participates in blog contests where she has signed clients.