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Wednesday's Word Count

Yay for our second Wednesday's Word Count! How is everyone doing?

Words written / goal: 4038/4000

Goal for new week:

Excuses / comments:
Despite my crazy week, I pushed myself to make up for the time I lost last Thursday and Friday. I only managed it, because I had this goal looming over me and didn't want to disappoint myself when today rolled around. I feel great for having done so!

As for this week, I've been keeping myself from reading back through my manuscript and editing obsessively (I lose a ton of time doing this and have tried to sway the habit) but it's really starting to get to me, so I'm lowering my word count this week to give me a day to edit and find more peace with moving forward.

Also, I read a blog post this morning over at BookEnds, LLC on goals and thought it would compliment our goal day nicely. I've never read anything by this author but the advice is good nonetheless.

Michele Dunaway on Goals

Check it out and don't forget to post your old/new goals in the comments!


Stephanie J said...

I'm still behind on my word count AS USUAL but making progress! I just posted about how I surprised myself the other night. It was always so difficult to put words to paper and somewhere, in all of my research and keeping up with others (like here!) it's become easier for me. I'm still snail slow but creeping ahead! WC is only about 1/4 met but my weekly goal ends on Sunday so I think I'm ok for now. :)

Go you on exceeding your goal! But it sounds like you need a little break so I think it's great you're allowing yourself to do so.

Off to read the article by Michele!

Casey Something said...


I'm glad to hear you're making progress and it's becoming easier for you! We all have our own pace, time, and ability weighing on us and effecting us each individually.

I think it's commitment that matters most when it comes down to it and you have that!

I'm heading over to read your latest post right now!

PJ Hoover said...

I've stepped back from actually doing revisions to making sure all unanswered questions are answered. So much better to do this now.
Congrats on your great progress!

Heather Hansen said...

I’m so glad you made your goal, Casey! That’s FANTASTIC!

Words written / goal: Goal was to be finished with rewrite / achieved: [hysterical laughing]

Goal for new week: Dare I say finished? I know I’d like to be finished. If I can get close to finished I’d be happy!

Excuses / comments: This rewrite is taking a life of its own. I worked harder this week than last and yet I’m really no farther. I have a really hard time setting a pace/goal in rewrite mode. I keep plugging forward and getting frustrated with my pace.

When I set my goal it seemed realistic. Now I’m just depressed. I understand it’s not about how fast it’s done, but that it’s done and done right. I get that. HOWEVER, it doesn’t stop me from feeling depressed about it.

Casey Something said...

Sounds great PJ! Very important step. Do you have a good process for that?

Heather!!!! You did it! That's awesome. Definitely don't rush it, though I imagine how tempting that must be, being so close.

You need to make sure you've got your plot woven really tight and any loose strings cleaned up. How are you feeling about it this time (other than depressed)? Hope it's going good.

Heather Hansen said...

No, I DIDN'T do it. That's why there was hysterical laughing. I was totally unclear -- which is the EXACT problem I have with this thing! Dude. I'm totally cussing in my mind right now. I've got a lot left. And it sucks.

You'll still read it when I'm done, right?

Casey Something said...

No wonder I was confused. Lol. I saw the "achieved" and thought you meant you achieved your goal but then you were talking about finishing and being depressed, so I was a bit thrown.

Okay, now that we're on the same page ... I'll still stand by what I said. Don't rush it. You've got a ton on your plate already and you need to be in the right frame of mind for this. I know you can do it!

And of course I still want to read it!

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Oh poop, I still can't play. I am still filling pot holes and answering unanswered questions. Then I will be going on to outlining. But how about this...

This week, I answered... 25 questions, discovered lots and lots of needed facts about my MC's bff, discovered I need to make BS a more important part of the book, AND discovered my cliff hanger ending.... I am sure there's more, but I can' remember right now.

So instead of a word count, I can still share the triumphs of outlining and filling plot holes...

Angela said...

congrats on making your word count!

Suzanne Young said...

Great post! My goal for this week is to write a third chapter for my book. I've had the first two for weeks, but I know that the next chapter will determine where the book goes... and I'm nervous!

So.. chapter 3, I shall conquer you!

Angela Ackerman said...

My old goal was to have my novel completely posted for critique by the end of the month. AND *drumroll* I will have it all up by today, so I totally blew that goal out of the water.

I think my new goal will to have finished the three novel's I'm currently critiquing by the end of September. Then I can start fresh in October and decide which project to take on.

Casey Something said...

Welcome to Wednesday's Words Suz! Good luck on tackling chapter three!

Angela: That's awesome! You'll have to post that again tomorrow just to brag (hehe.)