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Friday Teen Files

007Jr. high was easily one of the worst periods of my life.  I didn't have an easy time of it.  At all.  But what's that saying?  Something good always comes out of something bad?  That's true in this case.  Jr. high was when my love of books began.  Mrs. Robbins, the librarian, took me in.  She made me her TA, gave me a sanctuary, and encouraged me to find solace in other worlds.  I lost my troubles in the fantasy section of that library.  

She was such a wonderful woman.  Frequently, she would excuse me from PE (which I was having trouble with due to a yet-undiscovered medical problem) on the basis that she needed more "help" for the extra hour.  Sometimes she excused me because I came to her crying.  I would shelve books or run around passing out overdue notices, other times, we would just sit and talk.  She meant more to me than she probably ever knew. 

004Anyway, as I was looking through my jr. high year books, she was the person that stood out to me the most.  Forget all those teachers I hardly remember.  Forget all my peers (except my still-bff, Tiffany).  Forget that poor kid I stalked for two years (sorry, Ace!).  My time with Mrs. Robbins in that school library now defines my middle school years. 

Things would improve infinitesimally for me in 9th grade, and I'd like to think her support and encouragement played into that.  Not to mention the role she's played in my love of books and writing.

Have you had a librarian touch your life?


  1. Oh, yes.

    In middle school, I closely befriended the librarian and two teachers. Together, without knowing it, they saved my life.

    I still retain contact with them and visit as much as I can. I will remember them the most of all my years in middle--and high--school. They were constantly present when I needed them most.

  2. That's awesome, Weronika! Thank you for sharing.

    I found her on Facebook yesterday. I haven't worked up the nerve to friend her yet. But I will. I'd like to reconnect with her.

    : )

    Librarians rock!

  3. I was a very nerdy, teacher's pet kind of girl...and I loved having summer reading programs because it was almost like being in school during the summer (dear lord was I a geek!). Anyway, the summer reading program librarian was my favorite--not only did I go to her as a kid for the program, but then I volunteered for her as a teen.

  4. I was too, Beth!

    I ALWAYS had an easier time connecting with adults. One of my teachers even called my parents in for a conference because they were concerned about it.

    Personally, I think it did great things for me. Not then, but in the overall scheme of things.

    : )

  5. Junior high was terrible for me, too. Our librarian was Ms. Garrison. She was the first person to read the first book I ever attempted to write (it was about a 13-year-old girl and her telepathic cat who get abducted by aliens). Ms Garrison rocked. She taught me about using paragraphs to separate the different speakers in dialog.

  6. Hey, Lisa! I'm so glad you had a fabulous jr. high librarian to help you through as well.

    Bless their hearts!