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I Think It's Time For Another....

...Blog Promo!

What are you blogging about this week? What new turns has your blog taken? Have you just started your first blog? Are you desperate for some new readers?

Please share in the comments what you're up to in the blogosphere and then click around and do some adventuring.

(Hopeful) Happy Monday!


  1. Ya know,
    I'm vexed regarding blogging. Writing blog readers want *top secret* inside information about the industry or magic formulas that'll get them out of the slush. Do's and Don'ts, re: pub etiquette, (I'd be the last to ask for that). Query obsessives types are ubiquitous and fixated on moving words, here, there, everywhere. And then there's the punctuation Nazis...

    I think I'll blog about my 5th grade summer when I had eight snakes, 23 turtles, two dogs, Six Pine lizards and a nocturnal chinchilla keeping the whole family awake. (But I was happy)!

    Haste yee back ;-)

  2. I'm understanding how to recoup from reaching such a breaking point with your own work that you feel full-bodied abhorrence towards it.

    I took a week off and it changed everything.

    I'm just a few months from my final revisions being complete, and I have professional interest in it, so the pressure I've been putting on myself is immense. Documenting it has been incredibly helpful.


  3. My latest blog post is a Christmas Contest with a chance to win one of five unique prizes from South Africa. www.annvictor.blogspot.com

    It's been a very exciting exercise as I've gained 5 new followers and also an idea of which blogposts readers find useful and interesting. This points me in the right direction of where to take my blog in 2010.

  4. I have a blog talking about all kinds of things from reviews to meditations on writing to political rants.

    Check it out - jasonflumwriter.blogspot.com

  5. Oh, I am so far behind on blogging and writing in general--I feel like I'm drowning in other stuff! :( I hope to rectify that very soon. The very last post I had was about making judgments via intuition rather than logic. The one just before that was an account of my recent trip to Bath, England, to see John Foxx. And there's a bunch of stuff about getting degrees for my cats, too. :)

  6. It would be helpful if I reposted the URL, wouldn't it? :)


  7. Deep in revisions.. Posting about year on Wednesday, then taking a blogcation. :) Happy Monday!

  8. Just started up a year long exploration of genres... December has been all about middle grade fiction! This week: lots of book reviews and an author interview. Yay! http://valeriegeary.blogspot.com/
    (oh and thanks for letting me do a shameless plug!!)

  9. Satan is the protagonist in my book, and he has a blog, on which he offers love advice and movie reviews here What Would Satan Do?

    PS -

  10. Woohoo for new blogs!

    At my personal blog, I jumped back into posting with Operation Bum Glue

    On Write Chic I'm declaring war on my writing foes and wondering who wants to join me... :)

  11. I started this whole blogging thing just to join the community and connect with other writers who share my love of the written word and goal to be published. Along the way, I post on random topics that I think my VERY few readers even sometimes enjoy. But better yet, I've met some great people and found some quality reading in their blog posts.

  12. It's the month for giving so I've been doing a giveaway each day that I post this month.

    Today I have an interview with Robin LaFevers (Theodosia series) and she's giving readers the choice of a book or a manuscript critique.

    Hope you're having a happy Monday, too! I'm heading up your way to do some shopping...it's that whole giving thing :)

  13. My latest post is abould rookie writing mistakes. I list a couple of my own so everyone else will be able to avoid the same errors!

    Recurring posts are about my after-school book clubs, quotes about reading and writing, revision, writing, reading, and motherhood, and favorite books. Also, as I have work newly on submission, I'll write more about the process as things unfold.

  14. Would love to have more visitors to my blog. Thanks, Casey, for allowing me to invite via your blog. Awesomeness.

  15. After taking the summer off from blogging, I'm back at it. My latest post is about my super-awesome kitty, Laptop, who hunts carrots and is considering a career in waste-water management (she likes to watch the toilet flush). She was also thoughtful enough to pose in the Christmas tree so I could snap a photo for my homemade holiday cards. Is that a great kitty or what?

  16. My blog is all my supernatural short fiction. Nothing else! I'm writing spooky Christmas stories right now. Seven planned, two up already. There's a vampire serial, Velvet, a werewolf serial, Son of the Land and lots of stand alones. The latest Christmas story is titled Most Fair and Lovely. I'd love more readers and followers. Thanks for this opportunity!

  17. I've recently started a blog about the (usually real) science and technology in sci-fi and fantasy—robots, weapons, vehicles, biology, computers, space travel, and so on. I'm hoping to bring current scientific advances to people's attention, get some discussions going, and maybe even inspire a story or two.

    This week I'm taking a break from my sci-fi heavy posts and talking about fantasy-related subjects.

    Find it here.

  18. My blog is mostly about writing craft and life in Alaska. This week I've got a post up about my recent experience seeing The Green Flash at sunset. It was amazing. I've got a few photos to go along with the story.

  19. Awesome. I've been blogging about running and my training for a half marathon. So much so that I decided to start a NEW blog at http://girl-runner.blogspot.com my normal blog is www.southernsinfulbliss.com


  20. Hello! I just wrote a review of Davida Willis Hurwin's "Freaks and Revelations" on my blog. I also was a guest blogger on YA Highway, and my topic was on GLBTQ themes in YA lit. I would LOVE to have more followers for my blog, See Pam Write, See Pam Run. Please check out my crazy musings at www.seepamwrite.blogspot.com.

  21. Hello everyone. There are a lot of interesting blogs here!

    I am an editorial assistant for a huge company, and I'm also a writer. I blog about both of these things.

    Recent posts include tips on cracking the publishing industry, and an interview with the editor of a brand-spanking-new creative writing book.

    New readers are always welcome. I love chatting to people over at my blog so feel free to drop over and say hi :)


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  23. Casey, thanks for pulling this together. There are some cool blogs in this post that I need to check out!

    My blog (http://nevets-qst.blogspot.com) has two regular features. Tactless Tuesdays where I take teh gloves and off and aim directly at the weaknesses I see in myself and other writers. And just last week I started a Friday feature where I give an out-of-WIP prompt for main characters to respond to.

    Otherwise, I post updates on what I'm writing sometimes, but mainly try to focus on being transparent about my own struggles and moments of insight, so that other writers can see they're not alone, and hopefuly pick up a thing or to -- or (and I *love* when this happens!) chime in with advice for what I'm dealing with.

  24. The plans for the week involve the 7 Habits of Successful Writers, something funny (which I have yet to find), and perhaps I'll finish that blog about Twitter: Beyond the Basics. Those are the blog plans, but often life has other plans, esp. this time of year.


  25. I blog about things in writing that I learn, or am particularly impressed by. I hope it helps others. Sometimes I blog about oatcakes and HP sauce, too.

  26. Hey all!

    I'm a journalist writing a travel memoir about backpacking solo through Africa. On my writing blog -- http://alexisgrant.wordpress.com -- I share what I've learned while writing and hopefully publishing my first book.

    Today I ask readers: Is it time to launch your personal Web site?

    Off to check out some of these great links!


  27. Can't wait to dive into some of these blogs!
    Mine is a little about outdoor adventures and a little about writing. Lately, there's more writing since the news of my first middle grade novel, Dogsled Dreams has been accepted for publication!

  28. I've been trying to keep my focus on revisions, so my blog has had a couple of Christmas-related polls. (Not as successful as my Dracula poll, hmmm, what does that say about my visitors?)

    Just put up a JibJab video featuring Tom Cruise as a dancing elf. Don't know what's next, but I do have a new copy of Malinda Lo's ASH that I'll be giving away soon.

    Happy Monday to you as welll, Casey.


  29. I'm with Brigid,and my dog paddle is tiring me out.

    I did blog about 2010 today, so I must want to move on. I think it's time for a vacation.

  30. I ended last week with an exploration of perspective/perception using art as a jumping off point. So this week I opened lighter with some photos and haiku. I like things in my life to suggest what I post. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy December and New Year's.

  31. I've been blogging a lot about craft, trying to figure out what makes certain books "work." I also write about books I've enjoyed - today I posted a "Best of 2009" list. www.annastan.com

  32. Ah, this is fantastic. I am still blogging. As usual. Nothing new. But I think it's sort of exciting, nonetheless... ;-)

  33. I want to blog about Tiger Woods. I'm sorry the guy messed up (more than once). But really I don't care. He's just another pop star. Personally, I think, when President Clinton got caught, it got less press. Personally, when the President of the free world messes up, I think it is more important than when a golf player does. BTW, I adored Clinton, but was never hit on by him. (which made me sad in my younger hotter days.)

    I'll probably blog on something a bit less controversial...

  34. In honor of Janet Reid's delicious Query Carol post, I've just posted How to Write a Perfect(ly Dreadful) Query Letter.


  35. I just announced on my blog that I got an agent!!! SQUEEE!!!!


  36. I've been trying to think of what my blog needs in order to attract more readers (and that I would love to do). I started my blog for one reason, but that reason has morphed and now I might need a slightly new direction.

  37. Rebecca,
    I thought having a contest was a great way to get more readers, but really, most of them were current readers. I did have a lot of fun having the contest though. :)

    I think the best way to get more readers is to read more blogs and to make insightful comments.

    BWTY (my own version of text: best wishes to you)

  38. I've been so blah on my blog lately. I need excitement. Or at least something to write about.

  39. um, right now it's pretty pointless and lacking focus, so it's a direct representation of my life. i'm hoping to give it some structure.

    sadly, half of my last post was comprised of a batman: arkham asylum video game review. but what could i do? it's an awesome game.

  40. My most recent post was a review of my past year as a writer - stories published, blog followers attracted, that sort of thing. More importantly, there are virtual mince pies on offer!


  41. There's a ton of great stuff in here, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed promoting your blogs! I'll be sampling through the week, and I hope you all discovered some great new reading material.