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Agent Feedback: Jennifer Rofe

Every once in a while I receive feedback on an agent through e-mail that a writer wishes to share. Until the day I get us a forum going, I've decided to share them this way. The most recent is on Jennifer Rofe of Andrea Brown and comes from a hilarious writer, Ann Marie, in Greece. I've really enjoyed my ongoing correspondence with her and I'm trying to get her blogging. Her original e-mail is as follows:

After spending the morning ‘googling’ about my favourite literary agent, Ms. J Rofe, I felt I had to express my thanks to her and the Andrea Brown Agency in general for their kindness and consideration.

I recently submitted a query from Greece where I have lived and worked for the last 20 years. In this part of the world, it is fairly common to see people still using donkeys as a means of transport and even to use the animals dung as a form of energy. Although in the past we owned one of these noble beasts, we never actually tried the latter ‘natural fuel.’ Possibly my British upbringing (and the availability of a national sewerage network system in the UK ) caused me to be reticent about going to those extremes!

Anyway, the point is that I live in a modern Greece with many Third World elements despite its grand and ancient past. So imagine how thrilled I was when I sent my recent query and within hours had received a very polite e-mail acknowledging the receipt of my work. I know that it was just a standard reply sent to all those who submit their work to this particular agency. However, this e-mail caused me to feel euphoric for days on end just knowing that this project of mine had managed to reach its intended destination all the way across the Atlantic. Thank goodness I won’t have to agonize for the next couple of months wondering whether my e-mail was received or not!

So, once again, thank you for this consideration to writers; remember that not all of us live in places with the modern conveniences that perhaps most Americans take for granted!

All the very best!
Ann Marie


Tana said...

God the bless the Internet! Even though I don't live abroad it's helped me tons.

Unknown said...

Wait, what?! There's a chance you'll make a forum?! You'd be flipping awesome with that!!!

Heather Kelly said...

This is so heartwarming. We take so much for granted. Refrain, Ann Marie, refrain from using that natural fuel! And, thanks so much for sharing!

Casey Something said...

Beth: Yup, I'm thinking about starting a forum where we can discuss spotlighted agents, share experiences, resources, etc. but I'm not ready to make the leap yet. I don't know if there is enough interest, and I need to figure out how I would handle the negative aspects that are bound to come up.

Casey Something said...

Thanks again for sharing your story Ann Marie! It's nice when agents send a confirmation e-mail. I wish you the best on your journey to publication!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I gave you an award. I truly appreciate all of the information you share. I love that you linked my interview to Mark McVeigh's information. I almost feel like a journalist. :) Thanks!

Lisa Nowak said...

Now if we could only power the Internet with donkey dung...