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2009 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

This is coming a tad later than I had planned (yup, I'm still here and large *grumble*) but here it is - my 2009 New Year's goal post!

Like I mentioned before, I'm not entirely sure where my writing will fall in the scheme of life once the new baby arrives, but I'm hoping I can get back into a routine within a couple months and be able to meet these goals. And now, without further ado... my public declaration of goals for 2009.
  • Write new outlined book by May or June.
  • Edit / Revise / Beta-read by September (hopefully.)
  • Start querying in September (if manuscript is really ready.)
  • NaNoWriMo 2009 through November
  • Continue querying through the end of the year (unless I magically get an agent sooner.)
  • Continue working on NaNo manuscript if I'm happy with it.
  • Buy and read at least two or three books a month (shouldn't be a problem *grin*)
  • Continue to learn about writing / publishing.
  • Continue blogging regularly.
  • Start doing more book reviews on my blog.
  • Post either a teaser here or something for critique at AW every few months (at least.)
  • Focus on overcoming weaknesses and issues found in 2008.
  • Review this list every month.
I'm not sure how feasible or reasonable the time-frames are for my new manuscript, but I wanted a loose guideline. So, time-frames are subject to change (earlier or later) but my main hope is to get to the querying stage this year, whether that means polishing something I've already written or getting to that point with my new project.

I have high hopes for 09 and hope my Blogger / writer friends will stick through it with me. And speaking of, what are your goals for 2009? Feel free to post them in the comments, especially those of you that keep up with our weekly Wednesday goals!

If I go MIA on the blog front before then (please baby, please) have a safe and Happy New Year's!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Great goals! Mine are similar (minus the baby, heh). I need to polish my ms and hope to query it in late January/sometime in February. Then I'd like to either write Matched or rewrite Life After Azarel in March/April. Polish in May/June. Then do the other one (whatever I don't do first) later in the summer. More polishing and querying in September and October. And then, of course, NaNoWriMo in November. Phew!

Rhonda Helms said...

Wow, fantastic goals...I wish you the best of luck!!!

Happy New Year!!

Suzanne Young said...

Your blog looks great! And your goals are awesome too!

Keep blogging!!!!

I haven't had a chance to think of my resolutions yet. All I know, is I want 2009 to be great!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

you forgot one: have the baby already! looks like that will be #1 on 09 list. how ya feeling? dumb question right?

Ill surely stick with yah in 09. look forward to seeing you published. Cant wait to see where we all are next year this time. happy new year!

Casey Something said...

Thanks Shelli! I was hoping the baby would finish off 2008 and make it a better year, but it looks like he wants to kick-start 2009 instead!

I think we can officially add "have baby" on my 2009 goals!

I'm feeling pretty miserable though. I hate the waiting game.