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Wednesday's Word Count

Happy Wednesday! Everyone getting ready for Christmas? Nine days left. Are the holiday's interfering with your writing?

Prior Goal:
Finish outlining / character profiles.

Achieved: More / revised outlining and a couple new characters.

Goal for new week:
Keep at it - maybe finish?

Excuses / comments:
I'm definitely not finished, getting closer though. I had to revise quite a bit of my outline this week when some things took a different direction. I also have quite a few more plot details to figure out before I'll feel comfortable wading in. Characters are coming to me slowly, too. I'm trying to make each one unique and memorable in some way (if they matter) but it's not easy - that's for sure. I really don't want cardboard characters though!

So, how are the rest of you doing? Anyone tackling a healthy-sized goal this last week before Christmas? Hope you're all doing well!

By the way, if I go MIA it's probably (hopefully) because I've had my baby. So far he seems intent to stick it out to his due date though. You just never know when they'll come in these last couple weeks. I'm really hoping he doesn't go overdue... but he's only going to come when he's good and ready.



Jill Wheeler said...

I've been terrible. The holidays really have been getting in the way of my writing time. I wrapped presents and baked all weekend, and now I'm rushing to get through the last week before break. I hope I'll be more productive once we're out of school.

I did write 250 words of my new idea. It's posted on my blog.

Yay for your outline! Keep up the great work!

PJ Hoover said...

I'm revising! Book 3 this time. And I'm not even trying to cut words yet. I'm working through for consistency and will then do a pass to see what can go!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to put another polish on Manuscript #1 so I can send it out to more agents, but the holidays have been getting the in the way. Oh, and spending a good part of two days creating a Christmas carol video for my blog, and having my husband mess up our network in the process. You just never realize how long a project's going to take or all the implications...

I'm feeling pretty disgusted with myself. For the past three years I've had no problem sitting down to write each day throughout the winter. But this year, instead of writing something new, I'm revising. And I've revised this particular manuscript several times, so I'm sick of looking at it. It's so much easier to mess around on Facebook or read blogs, or create funny videos.

Fran Caldwell said...

Will finish the final revision of my novel by Boxing Day! Am currently obsessed with it, characters babbling around in my brain constantly, until I sleep. I don't think they're babbling then.

Oh, best for you and your impending delivery. You won't get much time for writing then. I didn't write for about five years after my twin boys came (already had an eighteen-month old girl) but I never resented a minute of it.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

say hi to your baby for me :) maybe baby will be here on Christmas :)