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Wednesday's Word Count

Wednesday again. I hope everyone had a great week!

Prior Goal:
Three to five pages of outlining.

Achieved: Seven pages of outlining.

Goal for new week:
Finish outlining and hash out more character profiles?

Excuses / comments:
I didn't do too bad with the outlining, surprisingly. It's more like five or six pages, really, since the first page is an index and a couple other pages aren't completely full. In any case, I definitely met my goal. I'm hoping to finish within the next week but I'm sort of stuck at the moment - having some issues with my plot. Hopefully I can push through and figure those out.

I'm definitely seeing the benefit of outlining though. Seeing how I've changed key elements of the story about three times already. That would have been pages and pages of writing down the drain if I had just jumped in to write. Maybe this really will benefit me after all!

How did everyone else do? I know we had some healthy goals of 5,000 words - I hope you met them! Oh, and how is the querying going, Angela? Any bites?

Keep up the great work and goals everyone!


  1. My word count for this week was low. I'd say I only wrote about 1800 words and 95% of those were done today. I had serious burn out after NaNo.

    I never used to be an outliner. I used to say I was an "organic" writer. Organic, shmorganic! Now, I see the light and it seems you are beginning to as well. It is refreshing having a map. But an outline is more than a map. It is a beacon of light, warding against writer’s block. You can't get stuck if you have a map to follow! Plus, whenever I feel like, where am I going? I just pull out my trusty outline, and boom! I'm back on track.

    OH! I wanted to share… try this and see if it works for you. I am a big believer in working things out in my sleep as far as plot, etc. What I do is before I go to bed I focus on what I am trying to figure out and I ask myself to please work it out in a dream. For example… I had a character who kept speaking in a British accent, but this didn’t make logistical sense in my story. So, before I went to bed I meditated asking myself to please work out why Agatha has a British accent. Sure enough, she came to me in my sleep and explained to me how this could be. I had to train my brain to do this. In the beginning I would have to meditate and ask myself a particular question night after night until finally, like magic, one night it happened. I work out my best plot miracles in my sleep. Give it a try!

  2. Yeah, I did not do well this week. Didn't write anything creatively. Revised a few chapters of NaNo. Wrote 5 pages or so for my thesis.

  3. wow lovely post I think any case, I definitely met my goal.I'm working in i am hoping to finish within the subsequent week however i am kind of caught in the intervening time - having a few problems with my plot. hopefully i'm able to push through and parent those out.