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Merry Christmas and Reflections on 2008

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday! I ate waaay too much but had a wonderful, relaxing day.

Before I disappear into the land of baby bliss (I'm still hoping he'll show before the first,) I wanted to reflect on the waning year.

So... 2008, let's see.

2008 was a year of very few goals and accomplishments for me. My only writing goals, really, were to keep learning, improving, and to finish at least one manuscript. It's debatable whether or not I truly accomplished these things, but I'm going to say I did - I just don't feel extremely good about them.

But, I did accomplish the following:

I became more interested / determined in becoming a published author.
I made some awesome new writing / blogger friends. *Waves*
I became a somewhat regular blogger.
I kept writing throughout the year, despite an awful spell of "writer's block."
I experimented with writing different genres.
I learned a ton about the publishing business.
I started reading YA, which I now love.

I'm cautiously optimistic for 2009. It's hard to say what I'll be able to manage with the new addition mixing things up, but I've got some New Year's resolutions and goals brewing in the brain for when things start to settle down. Providing I haven't had the baby, I'll be making my New Year's goal post some time this weekend.

Have a beautiful Holiday week if you don't hear from me!


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Casey, Happy holidays and Happy New Year and especially, Happy New Baby!

Heather Hansen said...

I think you did well this year! Not to put any pressure with the new baby coming and all -- but your goal next year should be to have something finished to submit by new year 2010!

I'm here whenever you need me! Even if it's to vent/whine about no sleep -- because I KNOW how that is!

PJ Hoover said...

It's so important to list the positive accomplishments from the past year!
Can't wait for baby!

Unknown said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it. Good luck with the new baby. My youngest son's birthday is today. I had him before the first of the year so I could get the tax credit! ; )

Stephanie J said...

Happy New Year! And I can't wait to hear about the baby!

I know you might not have been completely satisfied with accomplishments for 2008 but I've been doing this writing thing for 2 years now and you've already made a lot more progress in terms of getting words on the page than I have. I bleieve that what appear to be the smallest steps can actually be huge when it comes to writing. I'm so excited to see what 2009 brings ya!