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Wednesday's Word Count

Note to self: Do not leave toddler with a bowl of applesauce while showering.

Question: Do changes in the weather and/or seasons affect your writing?

Prior Goal:
7,000 words.

Achieved: 8,292!

Goal for new week: 6,000.

Excuses / comments: It felt like a bad week (a lot of staring at my MS) but I actually did really well overall. I'm extremely close to being done. My first draft is going to be shorter than I originally thought it would be, so I only have approximately 6k left to write. That means I'll be done by next week, and by the May 15th deadline that Heather and I are trying for. Heck, I may be done in a few days. I'm really eager to be done with this stage!

How are your writing goals coming along? Stephanie? Nevets? Everyone? Please share. And while you're in the comments, throw some heat at Heather. I need to get her movin' this week!


  1. Casey,

    At least applesauce is pretty easy to clean up from most things. Hopefully it didn't get in too much hair. :)

    Status... I've identified my primary genre. Rose and I have figured out how to pitch our collabs. I wrote/edited every day last week except one. I did get a story submitted.

    Where I need to be... Rose and I are reviewing our WIPs, then will chapter-outline and revise our collab approach. I still need to write on at least one project a day, and need to have something else to query or submit by next Monday or Tuesday.


    Awesome job on your own goals there. That's great work and even better news about the 15th!

    (If you get to the point where you need a new beta at some point, feel free to drop me a line.)

    And I shall bug Heather. ;-p

  2. Prior Goal: Can't recall

    Achieved: Erm... I never have my w/c in front of me when I post my comments but I think it's over 4,000 which is exciting but less than my goal that I can't recall atm.

    Goal for new week: 10,000.

    Excuses / comments: Certain days were far more productive than others! I keep thinking of the weeknd as my catch up time but then I end up not writing at all. Word wars with Mary are very helpfula and I find I'm most productive during them. I'm also discovering that if I plot a scene before I write it is MUCH easier. Yep, I'm a plotter at heart!

    Congrats on reaching your goal! You are kicking a..! It will be so exciting when you finish!!!

    I've never considered how the seasons affect my writing but I can tell you rain always puts me in writing mode. I'd guess that when it's cold outside I feel like I want to write but when it's springtime that's when the creative juices are flowing...

  3. hey! you fixed the column- good job!

  4. Writing coming along great! And I'm so glad your is, too!
    Applesauce...too funny!

  5. You're doing awesome, Nevets! Keep it up. Don't forget you've been doing Flashy Fiction everyday, too. That's awesome!

    4,000 is great, Stephanie! You're rolling compared to your old Wednesday goals. Almost done with that WIP? Rain gets me in a writing mood, too. I love when it rains. Unfortunately, we don't get much here!

    Heather! Keep at it. I know you can do it. : p

    Shelli, I don't think I fixed it. I think it's just intermittently funky. LOL. Were you using a different computer when you commented? Cause... it only seems to look weird on certain computers.

    Glad you're writing is going great, PJ! Thanks!

  6. YAY for hitting those goals!!! And ROFL re: applesauce...d'oh!