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Wednesday's Word Count

How is it already Wednesday again? *scratches head*

Yesterday's post was awesome. I loved meeting some of you lurkers and getting to know everyone better. If you haven't stopped by, please do, and if you've got the time, drop in and answer some of the questions people asked. Oh, and check out each other's blogs, too!

As for my work-in-progress report...

Prior Goal:
60 revised pages.

Accomplished: 30 revised pages, maybe.

Goal for new week: 60 revised pages?

Excuses / comments: This wasn't a good week for me. I could try to blame it on the 4th and my dad's birthday and my son's six-month (!) appointment and, and, and... but I won't. I just wasn't feeling the rewrite. My novel has a complicated structure (it needs to be this way for the story - it's not just stylistic) and it's still giving me a lot of mental grief.

Hopefully YOU had a much better week than me. There were some great goals posted last Wednesday. Tell me you've made up for my slackage!

P.S. My layout seems to be on the fritz - no idea why!


Heather Hansen said...

this week's goal:

100 pages. Ha.

I'm currently on 72. We'll see how I do.

Casey Something said...

You're doing awesome, Heather! I have to pick your brain on my structure issues again. *Sigh*

BJW said...

will you write my story for me Heather? I'll pay you in coffee.

Casey Something said...

Ben - I feel the same way, daily.

Elana Johnson said...

I'm just going to try to write this week. Write, write, write.

Anna said...

Ouch, I sympathize with you, structural problems are the worst! Sounds like you've still got a nice amount of pages done. :-)

I started my current revision round four days ago and I'm now on page 91, but I've already done the major revisions, and this is a lighter "read aloud" revision (which I recommend most heartily, btw).

Casey Something said...

Fabulous, Elanja. Here's to many well-written pages!

Thank you for your sympathies, Anna. I'll take em'! It must be so nice to be past those big revisions. And yes, reading out loud is a wonderful too. I also run mine through a computer reader called NaturalReader (it's free!) I catch a lot of typos that way.

Mame said...


I have pompoms, suriously.

Mame said...

Can I just add that I spent the last two weeks on ONE six page chapter? And no, that isn't one-upping. I call that a serious one-down.

Casey Something said...

Thanks Aimee. Yay pom poms!

You're hilarious. But hey, if I don't get my butt in gear I'll be one-downing YOU in a few weeks.

: )

Samantha Clark said...

Fixing structural problems is tough. You will get it, Casey. I had to do that in the revision for my last novel. I ended up taking a break for a week, but when I got back to it, what helped me the most was writing down a time line on a piece of paper. I also did a calender grid and marked the days when the story action happened. I don't know if it'll work for your story, but that's what solved it for me. Good luck!

Casey Something said...

Thank Samantha. I'm actually working on a timeline and an excel spreadsheet with some other data. That part of the reason my revisions have been stalled.

I'll come by to check your progress in a bit. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Totally understand. I HATE REVISIONS. I did three chapters and stalled. I need to start posting updates so I can shame myself into working.

Casey Something said...

Beth, about that shaming, it doesn't always work - LOL. I thought I shamed myself last week but apparently not. Let's try to do better this week!

PJ Hoover said...

Nada here. But the more days I'm on vacation, the more I'm ready to toss my 20K I have written on WIP and start again!

Casey Something said...

You're going to be so refreshed PJ. It'll be awesome. I bet you can't wait to get back to it!