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Wednesday's Word Count

I just had fun reading through the "you know you're a writer when..." post again. I found it very reassuring that some of you prefer screen time with your characters over face time with real people. Whew. Good to know I'll have some competition for the "most anti-social writer of the year award."

Prior Goal:

Accomplished: This and that, probably a little more this.

Goal for new week: Undetermined.

Excuses / comments: I didn't completely take a break, you see. I've still be tweaking the beginning of my novel and trying to figure out the best way to get the plot rolling. In other words, I've been testing just how many different ways I can write chapter one and chapter two (don't ask).

I also started something new. GASP. I know. But I think I need something to play with creatively that isn't under the restraints of revision, and I think I'm committed to the revision WIP enough now that it won't be an issue switching between the two. We shall see. Fortunately, I have all of you lovelies to get on my case if I seem to be abandoning the revision, yes?

Now, with my report out of the way, I want to know what's happening with you! What have your goals been? How have you been doing? Any new goals?

And... question on a Wednesday: How many, if any, complete rewrites have you done?


Samantha Clark said...

Hey Casey, nothing wrong with starting something new. I think sometimes when you're having problems with one piece, it can help clear your mind to move onto another piece.

I'm still moving quickly on my second book, but after some research and thinking, I revised the first six chapters of my first book. It gets into the story much faster now and cut about 4K words off the total, which was a little long. So, I'm now working on both and will start sending out my first book again with the new opener soon.

Ann Finkelstein said...

I'm revising two manuscripts right now. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming because Nothing Is Finished. Other times, when I'm at a roadblock on one ms, ideas for the other will pop into my head.

So, I'd say keep going with the revision, but keep on taking notes or writing scenes or whatever for the new one.

kah said...

Yay! That was my comment yesterday. Lil Ms. Anti-social. :)I am almost finished my first rewrite. An agent has agreed to look at it again once I'm done. So fingers crossed. :)

J.A. Palermo said...

I did a ton of revisions and rewrites on my MG, but it is now out in the world, looking for a home. I'm halfway through one YA and hope to finish it by the end of September.

Unknown said...

I revised 2 picture book mss this week (an editor had requested one so I felt compelled to edit it for the 30th time before sending it to her). The other I revised in preparation for an upcoming conference.

I also sent 2 more chapters of my YA wip to my critique partner. I'm about halfway through so having her review my chapters each week makes me stay on track with the writing.

Heather Hansen said...

How many rewrites on this particular novel? I’m on number 5. And you’ve read every single version.


Casey Something said...

Thanks Samantha! I didn't want something new to distract me, but I'm at the point where I'm too committed to my WIP to have that happen now. Yay!

You've had great progress on your WIP. I think you'll make your goal!

Ann, I can't imagine revising two at once! What a headache. But it sure it nice to have something else to turn to when the wheels stop turning on the other.

How exciting, Karen! Good luck with the agent.

Good luck to your MG, J.A. and great goal for your YA. I'm hoping to have my rewrite done by Sept.

Sounds like you're on the ball, Kristi. Good luck with that editor request. How exciting!

LOL - Heather. How did I know you'd chime in? You make me feel so much better on the rewrite issue.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

ugh i think after my agent revisions - i went backwards *sigh*

Angela Ackerman said...

I think as writers, we KNOW when it's time to get back on the creative track. If we don't, often we hit a block after over -revisioning ourselves. So I say don't fell guilty about it.

Me, I'm revising as well (suspense tween). I think the writing is quite clean, but I need to find a few critters who will do some Macro overall novel swaps with me. What I really need to know before sending this one off to my agent is whether side plots take over and if the resolutions/motivations are strong enough.

Oh, the joys.

Casey Something said...

You'll get it there Shelli! Hopefully it's getting better with each revision. It will be worth it in the end.

Thanks, Angela! I think you're right. Sounds like you're revisions are well on their way. Can't wait to hear some more good news from you.

: )

Sarah Mullen Gilbert said...

Hi Casey, I wanted to de-lurk after following your blog for awhile and thank you for all the work you put in.

I'm about 6K words into my first YA fantasy novel and it's good to see there's others out there working to the same goal!

Casey Something said...

Oooo, hi Sarah! Thanks for de-lurking! I love me some YA fantasy. It sounds like you're moving right along on it. Do you have a word count you're trying to reach daily or weekly, or any other long term goals?

It's nice to "meet" you, and I hope you'll stay de-lurked!

Hilary Wagner said...

Hey Casey,

Good luck on your new project! So much fun to start a fresh story! On my MS that is on sub now, I rewrote it twice. The first draft had a dual storyline. I realized it had to be nixed...so rewrite. Then I thought it was way too slow in parts...so rewrite! Rewrites are hard and challenging, but I've found out fun too. You're only making the MS better and making yourself a better (albeit crazier) writer!

xoxo – Hilary

Casey Something said...

Thanks so much, Hilary! It's encouraging to hear about your rewrites, and to know where you're at now.

I'd like to think it will get easier as we get more practice at it too, but maybe not.

The story is definitely getting better though. I'll persevere!